24 May, 2015

Project Life 2015: Week 12

Project Life Sunday is LIVE! I hope you've been following them all on my YouTube channel, but here's the video for you for this week. I'm going to try not to completely suck at keeping my blog updated when I'm being productive over on my YouTube. It's hard to do both!

09 April, 2015

Use it Up Challenge #4 Videos

This is the fourth in my Use it Up kit challenge, which I'm really enjoying doing. I made a video of all the papers in the kit which you can see here.

And then when I was finished I made another video of my layouts. You can watch the video with me explaining what the layouts are about and I also have some pictures of the layouts for you. :)

Sorry for being so lax in posting things! I've been making sure to get projects up on my YouTube, but it takes a bit longer on the website, lol! Thanks for visiting!

26 March, 2015

2015 Anaheim Scrapbook Expo

Hi guys! I'm so sorry I've been lax about posting here, but I've been super active on my YouTube channel if you want to go and subscribe to make sure you're not missing any videos. You can click here, or on the tab up at the top. :)

Anyway, March 21st was when the Scrapbook Expo came to Anaheim and I met a bunch of my friends from the message board there and we hung out, shopped, had lunch and later dinner, and basically chilled. It was great to get out and it was nice to shop knowing that I had holes in my stash I needed to fill, but didn't just buy to buy things. All in all I calculated I spent $175 this time around which is pretty good record for me actually, especially considering how much bling and washi I ended up getting from Queen & Co. I didn't end up taking pictures this time, just the video, so please enjoy! And I'll try to remember to make the posts *here* when I post a process video. I'm so terrible, I know!