05 February, 2016

Mixed Media Art Journal Backgrounds

Here's a video of me just messing around in my art journal with some Distress Stains and some Dyan Reavely Ink sprays. Backgrounds are fun to make in large clumps cos there's not a whole lot of thought involved. I hope you find this video interesting, and that you have a great day!

03 February, 2016

Art Journal: Ambition Birds

I've been speaking (and posting) a lot about my art journal and messing around with techniques and drawing and blah blah blah. Well, if you've been following my Instagram or FB page you've seen some of these photos, but not the final product. I figured I should show you that!
In the previous post you saw me get my Dylusions paints in my haul video, but before that I was playing with Distress Paints. What I love about Distress Paints is that they're completely smooth. They're "liquid ink" as Tim told me when I asked because he, like me, doesn't like all the added fillers and textures from some acrylic paint. So I was playing around with dabbing the ink on with my Distress daubers, making a background, and then stenciling as well. Once I had the background I thought "birds"! Birds are awesome, I'm very inspired by nature, and so I sketched out two little bird friends on top of the paint.
I wanted to make sure the birds had enough detail before I started to paint them in, so I added in purple. You'll see this colour combination A LOT in my work. I really like green/blue/purple together of all shades. Once that was done, I decided to start painting in the branches and the birds with Liquitex Basics acrylic paint because it's more opaque than the Distress Paint and it's also more textured.
Here is where I started to get frustrated. I wasn't getting the texture and definition that I wanted on my birds and it was bumming me out. But I certainly wasn't about to give up! I just kept layering and layering the paint and eventually I got something that I liked.
And here is the final product. I painted both birds and their branches in acrylic, then used a white coloured pencil to give them some definition (especially the black bird). I used a stencil with some Whipped Spackle by Faber-Castell to add some pure white branches (something I love about the paint is that it doesn't bleed into the spackle) and for a final touch I created a border around the whole piece.
I'm not really a "journaler" type of art journal person. As an author I'd much rather write about other people (characters) than myself, but I do enjoy the writing of others, especially semi-inspirational quotes and song lyrics. These are the types of things I figured I could include in an art journal and give me a "reason" to keep such a journal since, for some reason, I cannot just *create*. I have to have reasons for things. So my journals are full of lyrics and words to live by. I thought this quote was particularly important to my line of thinking some days.
And lastly, this is my favourite bird. I'm really liking the orange./fuchsia combination lately and I think it looks great on a bird. Plus, I think that his eye is really expressive. This is the first time I have ever drawn birds before, so hopefully next time will be better, but I'm pretty pleased with these two anyway.

I hope you like these pages, that you'll think about trying some pages of your own, and have a great day!

02 February, 2016

Art Bag #24: Marker Pop and Amazon Haul

Hiya, everyone! Today I have a haul video for you. I went a bit nuts with preorders from Marker Pop because they are getting in lovely things from CHA, but while shopping for CHA items I picked up many things that were already out and Marker Pop was kind enough to send me the stuff they already had. I've been really into my art, and playing in my art journal lately, so I wanted to try some new supplies for that. I went on Amazon and picked up some more blending foamies so I'm not using the Distress Ink ones, and I got some paint to play with too. Plus... stamps. I seriously cannot resist stamps! I also show a few of my recent art pieces, in both my journal and out. I hope you enjoy the video and like my art as well.