25 July, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010

My Aunt Yvonne gave me the photos from this last Thanksgiving and while I would normally just scrapbook them and move on, but with things going on lately I looked at them a bit differently.  Journaling reads: "I really wish there was some kind of cosmic warning system, but there isn't, and none of us knew that this normal Thanksgiving at Nana's is probably the last one we'll have together. Grampa most likely wont be with us much longer and we didn't know to appreciate that he was there, to be thankful on Thanksgiving. My parents of course had to protest the photo taking (lame), but at least we were all there in the moment together. We were, in fact, ALL together. Uncle Ed made an appearance for the first time in more years than I can even remember. So it was truly the entire immediate family, just like when I was a kid."
Cardstock: Co'ordinations
Paper: Imaginisce (Happy Harvest and Apple Cider)
Imaginisce stickers and die cuts
Imaginisce ribbons


  1. Love your layout, especially the journaling!

  2. Awesome Layout~ (found you on 2peas MB)


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