21 August, 2011

Concert Layouts

I coloured the stamps to look like Davey Havok from AFI and Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. Billie's hair was the worst because it's frosted blonde and yet he has really dark roots, so I had to somehow mimic that on the stamp. Davey's hair came out really good though. He's cut it short now (he actually looks disturbingly like Morrissey now), but he used to have long hair. I made sure to include our E tickets, the extra piece of ticket paper that I used to write down the songs each band played, and the reciept from In-n-Out in Carmel that we had at 11:54pm because it was the only palace open. There were three other groups from the concert there, so it was pretty cool. It wasn't like the place was NEXT to the venue, it, again, was just the only place open that late at night and we were very hungry.

Clear Stamp: Simply B Stamps, Lawn Fawn
Paper: Crate Paper (Dear Prudence)
Crate Paper die cuts
Copic Markers
Spica pens


  1. I just wanted to say Im sorry for starting whats going on at the smack blog atm :( I was the original person a few weeks back that was asking questions that you so kindly answered. I havent commented on that blog since I was talking to you on there, but have been reading and feel like its my fault that some idiot with issues is flaming you for it :(

  2. Honestly, Anon, do not worry about it. The only reason it bothers me in the slightest is because when they talk about me, they aren't talking about anything interesting and industry related. I could care less what a bunch of anonymous people on a smack blog think of me personally. I come there to talk about the scrap industry the way everyone else does, it has nothing to do with my personal life, and the people that don't understand that are the ones that have the problem, not me.

    Do not feel bad. I'm perfectly happy answering questions, and you feel free to ask whatever you want to know. Just please, keep it within *my* comments from now on. The smack blog wasn't really the place and it seems they can't let it go.

  3. Whats really strange is at the time nothing much was said and now, weeks later, they are bringing it up. I hate when there is no decent scrapping smack around and they start attacking each other for no reason. It seems like the last few days has all been catty fights about nothing :(

    I wanted to post under my own name here on your blog but didnt due to fear of getting myself smacked too lol.

    Dont worry - I dont have any more questions :) Just wanted to apologise.

  4. As I said, I wouldn't mind if you did.

    It seems to be worse on the weekend as well. I can understand if people don't like me, not everyone has to like me, and that fine. But I think my comment was pretty innocuous. I don't claim to be the smack police, or tell anyone what they can and cannot smack, I just thought it was strange that that company was brought up, dismissed, and then person (assuming it was the same one) posted again on the next thread. Wasn't the subject already dead?

    I would have preferred that not much be said. I don't understand the reaction to someone they don't even know and who has no real impact on their lives. Who cares? I'm a non-op trans person, but on the outside I'm a straight woman married to a straight man, what is so threatening about that? And that I'm a drain on society? WOW, I thought with all the scrappy spending I was doing I'm actually *helping* the economy. Not to mention that I pay for my own medical insurance instead of taking the one provided by the government for genetically handicapped people. How exactly am I draining anything?

    But that's besides the point, and really doesn't matter in the long run. It's not your fault. I could have chosen to ignore and I didn't, because sharing that information doesn't bother me and I like that someone is curious enough about not only my writing, but the LGBT culture in general to ask the questions. In retrospect, I should have just directed you here, but I didn't, i answered and then did so, therefore I must deal with whatever issue this person (people) have with me.

  5. I agree about the weekends there - it does seem to almost be a waste of time visiting then. I too thought the same about that company being mentioned twice - it seemed like someone was trying to drum up business.

    I like how open and honest you are. If I lived anywhere near you we would probably be friends lol.

    There is no way you are a drain on society. If they want to see a one I could point them in the direction of my sister in law and her partner who both refuse to work (or shower for that matter), keep having kids they cant look after or clothe and rely on the government to support them, pay all their bills and provide them with a house. People like them are a drain on society - not you Aeryn.

  6. I think that's why I don't understand it. Smack me for the things that I am, if you must, but not for what I am not. The "her/him" thing makes me laugh, but don't call me a lesbian. The lazy, no life thing makes me laugh, but how am I a drain on society. As one of the people said, what is wrong with being a house wife if we can afford it? I'm not asking for your money, I'm not affecting you, so why do you care?

    People get really worked up over people they don't even know.

    You don't have to live near me for us to be friends. I'm completely friendable on facebook. I know people all over this country and others that I'm glad to call friends, and have been lucky enough to travel to meet them on several occasions.

  7. Ill add you on facebook now then :)

  8. Great layouts. I used to write down the names of the songs bands played, too, when I went to concerts.

  9. Great concert LO! I do Tran-Siberian Orchestra every year, and it is hard to find a creative way to do it each time. Love the colored rockers! -Amanda

  10. I've just read your blog and was going to just say, Fab layouts - great inspiration. Now I've come here and read through your comments, and I STILL want to say Fab layouts, great inspiration (damn I wish I'd taken photos of the gigs I went to as a teen - Metallica, Megadeth etc etc), but want to add that it's a shame that even our crafting world can't be a haven of peace. Shame on the folks on the other blog, Aeryn!


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