22 December, 2011

Adventures in Embossing Powder

Today has been about embossing powder. I don't know why, it just has. First I made these two cards with all my coloured powders. I don't have a green or a purple, so what I did was take the white and swipe a Copic over the images to colour the powder. Since it's black paper, it was easy to not have to stay in the lines.
For this guy, it's actually the second one I did. Yesterday I had the idea to stamp the cardinal and then use the Stampendous background stamp around the edges. But I did it in black, and I didn't think that looked so great. So instead I did it again, stamping the cardinal first, airbrushing the blue background with B26 and B39, then stamping the background with clear and embossing white onto it. I think it came out pretty cool, looks a bit like snow. The other colours I used here are G28, E57, E29, R59, R37, R27 and R24.

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