15 January, 2012

Christmas 2007

 I found these pictures of Christmas from 2007 and figured they finally needed their page done. The kids posing in front of the tree, and then Mike and I holding "our" kids. This was the year I worked at the ski resort so we couldn't go to my parents' house and they actually came to us. We had a ton of presents, watched Christmas specials, had a really good meal (cooked for us by Mike) and just had a great time. I had been so *not* feeling Christmas and then they came to us, it totally redeemed the whole thing. I used MME Holly Jolly paper on this one, some Papertrey ribbon and buttons, and a few stamps to dress it up.
 Here's a close up on my coloured kitty.


  1. Such a cute kitty and great scrapbook page. ;D Thanks so much for the well wishes and I'm excited to get back into the swing of things... just a few more naps. LOL I guess I'll see you around in the MiC group too. Hugs

    1. BARBARA!!!!! Yay! You're okay! I'm so glad, and thanks for the kind comments. Yes, I'll certainly see you on the MiC group, I took advantage of the digi sale (I was waiting with bated breath) so I'm in the process of colouring something right now! So happy to hear from you, mend well, my friend.


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