07 February, 2012

Early Morning "Use It Up" Session

 I only managed a few hours of sleep before I was startled awake by choking to death. Not fun. So after a med session I decided I might as well be scrapbooking. I picked out two of my thinner *Love,Elsie* collections and set to work. This Betty collection is perfect for wedding photos, what with all the quotes and how Elsie was huge on theme with her collections. I had to throw in some Imaginisce papers and I think actually the rubons were a bad idea cos their quality is quite low. Oh well, it's not like you can take them off once you've started. But I think the layout came out well.
And then with the very last of the scraps I made these three cards. Collection papers all gone and yet another Page Planner cleaned out and ready for... well, new paper I guess. LOL!


  1. I don't think the rubon's look bad, at all! Also I hate to hear about your scare in the night! That must have been horrible! Love Penny Scrap-aholic@blogspot.com

    1. Thanks, I'm okay. Just really wasn't pleasant. It's not that the rubons look bad, it's more that they didn't really go on well, like they were defective or something. Took a lot more work than rubons usually should take.

  2. I love seeing how you are using up your stash. You have me motivated! I've heard that rub-ons can dry out, making them hard to adhere to a layout/card. A trick I read on TwoPeas is to use a heat gun on them to soften the ink, I believe. I've not tried this trick yet, but will be trying it in the near future. Your layout and card looks great! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  3. Yay! More paper used up!! Love that! cute layout. and now...new paper??? yay! so much great stuff coming out soon!

  4. I love sopping and scrapping my stash. Makes this hobby even more fun!


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