05 February, 2012

Today's Challenge Deux

 My next challenge. Another Zany Zinnia kit with two full sheets, a bit of paper, some ribbon, and a bit of bling. Not a TON to work with, which is good, so it wasn't too hard to set to work.
 Half an hour later I had this. I had to add a piece of BasicGrey Nook and Pantry brown paper to mat the photos and a rubon from another Zany Zinnia kit (my last and next challenge) for the title.
Left with only scraps it was down to me to make a card. I had a bit of a hard time though because I've been shaking for the last two hours. It's either the meds, or the Arthritis, but either way it made it difficult to colour. But after a half hour break I noticed that I wasn't getting any better at having a steady hand, so I just went ahead with it and finished. 

And so there's now TWO kits fully used up today! WOOOOO!

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