05 February, 2012

Today's Challenge

 This is today's challenge. The leftovers of a Zany Zinnia kit from... yeah, 2007. At 10:40 I posted this picture on my FB page and got to work. The goal? Make sure I don't have to file this back into its spot on my paper cart.
 At 11:31, I posted this layout. Three recent pictures of Gambit, a bit of journalling, and a story told. Also two entire pieces of paper used up, a bunch of scraps, stickers, and a decent bit of embellishments and ribbon DONE! All that remained on my desk was small rectangular pieces of patterned papers.
And lastly, at 12:15, we have four cards, autumn theme-y because of the stickers, and every scrap of paper used up, along with the remaining ribbon and embellishments. This kit is finished!


  1. Great job on the cards, and using up your stash! I also loved how well you organized your scrap space! Lovely! Love Penny Scrap-ahoilc@blogspot.com

    1. Thanks so much, Penny. I was a little iffy that these papers actually went together, but they made decent cards in the end.


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