03 February, 2012

Under The Scrappy Sea

These are the more neutral papers from the Christmas-y collection from yesterday. The papers that say "I will impart colour, without fixing you into theme" which I greatly appreciate in a patterned paper. I don't need YOU to tell ME what to make! I'll make what I feel like when I damned well feel like it. Whoa... okay. Anyway, so I took the little pieces of this lined paper that I had left over and decided that the blue looks like waves. Well, where do I go from there? I make sea cards. These are *really* CAS. More CAS than I usually get, and it was hard to not embellish and basically fuck them up royally. They're just tiny cards, little notes to send to people you like, and that kind of thing can't be fussy. I hope you like them!

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