04 February, 2012

Using it Up Crate Paper Style

 Today I attacked Crate Paper's Static collection. First I stamped out some polaroids for my Project Life/365 layouts, then I used these random photos I found from 2005 in Disney. They were randomly lying around on the shelves of my scrap room, so I had to do something with them. The brightness of the collection and the general "California" feeling of it seemed to work well.
 Then I had this left. One full sheet of green, half of blue, some random scraps, bits of the die cut shapes, chipboard buttons, a full sheet of rubons, and a bit of ribbon. I had to do whatever I could to use all this up and prevent putting it back in the Page Planner envelope.
 And here's what I came up with. They're not great cards, I'll admit that. They're not anywhere near as good as the steampunk cards I did, or the ones I did yesterday with the stamps, or even then Christmas ones really. But that's just cos I wasn't really inspired at all with the them, I just wanted to use it up as much as I could and the whole "surfer/skater/biker" theme of this paper was not cool at all. I got this collection as a "buy one, get three free" thing at the Crate Paper booth at the Scrapbook Expo and I was attracted to the colours. Working with just the plain-ish papers I had was a bit difficult. But they'll work, as cards, in general. 

The point is it's all used up. Nothing left, Page Planner empty, and I can move on!


  1. That was one of my favorite early Crate lines. Great cards!

    1. Thanks! I liked the colours, but the theme was a bit hard for me to work around. Early Crate was really good.


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