04 February, 2012

Using it Up Kit Style

 After my success with the Crate Paper collection I figured I would tackle the remaining scraps and bits of kits that I have left. I wasn't part of any monthly thing, I more did the kind of kits that you could buy when you liked something. This here was a Zany Zinnia kit in like... '07? Maybe earlier than that. Point is, it's been hanging around a LONG time, I've used it for layouts, I've played with it a lot, and I really should be done with it. So I took out 3 cardblanks, my Tickled Pink stamps (they have GREAT guy stamps, that's why I love them), and just started to build layers. I'm a big fan of layers. 

Originally I knew I didn't want to colour these tonight. Mike's watching a movie, but might have to work tomorrow so I figured I was going to get interrupted and kicked out of my scrap closet if I got deep into it and he had to go to bed. That's no good. I hate being interrupted. So I was planning to just build the cards, use up the paper, and then colour them when I had more time. I did the random sketchy feathered background thing (which is so fun to do) before I put the stars on the papers cos it's easier than working around it. But now that I look at it I kinda like the images uncoloured. I'm still undecided, but I think the fact that they're SO white, surrounded by all these bold colours and patterns, it really draws the eye to the image. It's a bit of a cop out, but I dunno. What do you think?

Again, the point is, I used up ALL the papers in this kit, tossed the little plastic baggie it came in, and I've officially used up TWO paper collections today! WOOOOOOO!


  1. Great news on using up the papers, just love these images, must get some, I really like the idea of not colouring them, your right it does make them pop off the page, Great job, Hugs May x x x x

    1. I agree, May, I think they look better without colour.. plus it allows me to be lazy! hehee. Glad you like my cards!


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