15 April, 2012

Keep Calm, I'm the Doctor

 Okay, so he's not *technically* David Tennant, but he looks similar. Right when I first saw this Tickled Pink stamp I knew he was close enough to DT that I could make it work. I had this space paper for something else, and I just got the whole "Keep Calm" stamp set from JustRite and the Lawn Fawn stamps filled in the blanks for that. I was shaking pretty badly today, but I was able to colour him decently well, which I like. I put this right up on my scrap wall, just cos... well, I love David Tennant's Doctor. He's the best

1 comment:

  1. This is awesome! My daughter is obsessed with Dr. Who and DT too! The Keep Calm was a great idea! Can't wait to show my daughter. And your coloring is so beautiful!



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