07 April, 2012

Mickey Jack is SMASH-ing!!

 I am enjoying the SMASH bandwagon. It was difficult for me to figure out in the beginning, but now that I have my one therapy journal (which is going well, btw), I'm branching out. And I have all these photos with this little figure that I named Mickey Jack. I take pictures of him in random situations, as if he were on little adventures, and frankly I had NO IDEA how to scrap them. I HATE mini books with a passion, I really do. They bother me. But a lot of these photos don't warrant a whole layout. Enter the red SMASH book.
This here is the dimensional cover. I saved the little card from Mickey Jack's packaging so that went on there right away. I'm using this Echo Park paper I got from an awesome kit at SBS. I'm slowly dipping my toe into the Echo Park pool. The prints on this one are really bright, but I think that worked out well with the "randomness" of Mickey Jack's SMASH book. I used some of my new Prima flowers from the Expo on it (they're almost gone!), some original Dear Lizzy ribbon, and some buttons. I'm a big believer that if I get a cover for something, I'm going to use it. Plus, if I'm taking the time to *make* a cover, I'm not letting it get spoiled by water, or dirt, or whatever. So after this dried and was all stuck together I put the protective plastic cover back on it. Now the flowers won't rub off or get ruined and I can have a cover like this without worrying.
 This here is the first page. I use ALL the pages. This is literally the first page, the opposite is the inside cover. A little explanation of who Mickey Jack is, and his very first pictures, one taken just outside the shop in Disneyland where he was bought and the one taken just outside the Disneyland entrance. Usually I upload these photos to my Facebook so I'm transcribing the official Facebook posts into the book.
 Since he was bought three days before Halloween his first pictures are Halloween themed. I used some random bits from Bo Bunny and the old Basic Grey Eerie line for these two pages. 

And then Mike had to go to bed. Frankly though, I'm *so* jazzed about this project. I like this book idea, I like that I didn't have to make it, and I like that it's not a traditional mini book. I hope you like my SMASH pages!


  1. Thanks for posting SMASH pages. I have a book I've been working on since the books first came out and I forget to utilize it.

    Your pages are fun and I love that you use all of the pages. I'm going to do it too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. How fun! Isn't it great to create in a non-traditional way!?

  3. This turned out cute, I'm like you, if I take the time to make it I don't want it ruined either! Love Penny

  4. Your smash book looks great fun!

    Claire #85


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