09 April, 2012

Mickey Jack's SMASHing Adventures

 I come to you with more SMASH pages from my Mickey Jack album. These are some from around Thanksgiving.
 And our trip to Disneyland at the end of November. A bit out of order, but it needed two pages.
 The early part of December on these two pages, Mickey Jack's small adventures out.
And the very last of the pictures I have printed out. 

Basically for Mickey Jack's album I'm trying to match the colours to the photos, but I'm also trying to use up embellishments, paper scraps, that kind of thing. SMASH is all about random stuff just kind of slapped in mish-mash. I can't really do that, cos I'm so linear in my scrapbooking that I need order. Basically it's becoming little scrapbook pages. Anyway, I hope you like them, I'm having a ton of fun. I have to get some more photos printed cos Mickey Jack has many more adventures to scrap!


  1. I'm very linear in my scrapbooking, too, for the most part.
    I think that is why I didn't catch on to the Smashbook craze.
    But yours looks fun :)

    1. This ends up being linear too, half a page and stuff like that. Sometimes you just can't break up habits!

  2. Aeryn... Your smash rocks!!!!!! Oh my, wish I had seen a Mickey Jack before, my grandkids buy me Pumpkin Jack all the time so he's everywhere!! I love the idea of taking MJ out with you and taking the pix, how cool and then Smashing him in your book is just.... right! The only way I had seen it used before was with Instax and I wanted one (Smash & Instax, ambitious) before my family reunion in September. But this is a great way to use it so maybe I can get one for Mothers Day! Also may steal your idea of taking those kind of random pix to do as well - love that! You're so damn creative!!

    1. Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it. Mike was the one that decided Mickey Jack was the best one, lol! He'll even help me set up the pics and stuff, so it's a fun stuff for us. And feel free to steal away and have fun!


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