02 May, 2012

Self Portrait

This is me wanting to use my Amy Tangerine Sketchbook paper. Really, that's all. I wanted to make a layout like this, random and bright, and the Amy Tangerine stuff works really well for it. I used the SMASH tape that is all multicoloured and I thought "I'm probably never going to use this but it's cheap so toss it in your basket" and I've used a bunch of it already. The thing about washi is you're almost sitting there "how much can I use on this project to use it up more?" whereas with paper you go "I want to use this, but not all of it, so I'll just put a dab". It's almost feeing. BUT I can see it getting tiresome because washi comes with a LOT on those little rolls. Anyway, the rest of it was me just embellishing randomly. There's some Queen & Co washi on there, letters from the Simple Stories kit from the last layout, and then bits of the Sketchbook paper cut out to use as embellishments. 

Random note: Mike asked me why I'm all of a sudden using just one photo on layouts now and the answer is that I have a lot of random photos that's really just one photo per subject. It's not really a choice, it's just there's nothing else that goes with the photo. The kids especially, one photo usually does the job. And, in all honesty, right now I want to scrapbook and I'm avoiding the big projects like Halloween and our anniversary.


  1. Lovely layout. I find that using one photo allows me to have fun and play with all of my supplies vs. trying to fit it all in. Nice job...love that collection.

  2. Aeryn... Well THERE you are! Anyway, I feel ya on the washi tape - after a couple of layouts do I really want to see it again? But I figure that if I get something I love, then I can sneak little bits here and there. Love the brightness of the layout and totally get the random photo situation. I always scrap events, etc. But right now I am totally in a "one-photo" mode and am actually enjoying it. I always felt before that with just one photo it left way too much space on a 12x12 for me to have to fill... But I actually think that sometimes one photo is all it takes to tell the story; and, I too am groovin in the "scrappin for scrappin sake" right now so if I LOVE a photo, I'm liable to use it on more than one layout!


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