27 May, 2012

Project Life 2012: At the Movies

 I've done a page like this for the last few years. Made a collection of all the movie tickets that we collect in a year. We don't go to that many movies, but it's cool to look back at what we *do* go to see. I always title it "At the Movies" too, and imagine my happiness when At the Movies Jude comes out at Simply B Stamps! He's PERFECT for this year's page. Since he was released just today I had to go right out and buy him, colouring him up as quickly as I could so I could complete my page. Now all it's waiting for is more ticket stubs!
 Here's a close up for you. I coloured the 3D glasses dark, cos modern glasses are just fancy sun glasses now. But I made sure to colour one lens going one direction, and one going the other, as that's how modern 3D works. Mike will actually take both our glasses and put them together, watching the polarization change as he moves them. He's silly like that. ((laughs)) I gave Jude and Icee too, since that's all I'll drink at the movies, Coke pls!


  1. Great layout, you do beautiful coloring! Love Penny

  2. very nice lovethe page and the little person eatingthe popcorn.. his hair is awesome....love it


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