03 June, 2012

Harry Potter

 I found this little Harry Potter by Karber Designs. I have to admit, they're not quite my style, but I really liked this little chibi version of Harry Potter, so I sprang for him when he was on sale recently. He was a bit difficult to colour because in the stamp his eyes are just black dots. Well, in the book the whole point is Harry's green eyes and every character is all "you have your mother's eyes" every two and a half seconds so I had to put them in there somehow. I carefully coloured a ring of green and then coloured the flesh tones around it very purposefully to leave the whites of his eyes. I was pretty sure that if I defined his eyes with a black Multiliner it would have taken away from the impact of his eyes. Doing his hair was pretty fun because it's so all over the place, lol! And, of course, it was a nice exercise in using my greys, as colouring any Harry Potter stamp is since his hair, shirt, pants, and robe are just various shades of grey/black. I left the ticket blank so I'd have a place to put the sentiment when I decide what all this card is for. ((grin)) I hope y'all like it!

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