20 June, 2012

London Love

Yesterday I received the London Calling collection from Penny Black in the mail. I've been wanting them since I saw the 2012 catalogue and since my birthday is on Sunday (the 24th) I figured I would treat myself. These were NOT cheap, but whatever. That's what birthdays are for and I LOOOOOOOVE anything London or British in general. I swear to you, I was born in the wrong country. ((pouts))
 These are the two cards I made. I've wanted the snowglobe for a while because it's an empty canvas. You can put whatever you want in it. So, I put the city of London in it! Yay! Then I played around with the double decker bus stamp. I love all the animals on it. And I have a ton of ideas with this one so I'm excited.


  1. From a fellow June baby (next Tuesday!) happy birthday and I love your purchases and freebies! Have a good week, Helen 33

  2. Happy birthday for Sunday! And oh my.. I don't think I'd get any work done with that poster hanging in my work space.. Yummy!

    Happy WOYWW

    Zoe #57

  3. Just checked out your tutorial - it's great. Love the London stamps, particularly the bus. Thanks for the opportunity of having a peep at your workspace - trying to make a few visits early this week! Hazel, WOYWW #87 x

  4. I meant to also say that I like being organised and tidy, but have shown my mess today for a change, but will clear it all away before I start again.

  5. Fabulous work. Loving the Robert Downey Junior cut out - yum!!

  6. Wonderful cards! I am so loving that double decker bus with those adorable little animals driving. Hope you have a Happy Birthday!

  7. Love the double decker bus stamp, fabulous
    Sophie no.93

  8. Great colouring, love the stamps! Happy {early} Birthday! Sounds like a busy weekend!

  9. I love those stamps! I'm off to check out your tutorial!

  10. Cute cards. Sorry, but your desk is STILL too clean!

  11. The desk looks great this week Aeryn but the eye candy looks better.

    Life sized Jude….what can one say!

    Happy Crafting!

  12. If you thinks that's messy - you have another think coming !!!
    It looks super tidy to me !! Looks like you are having lots of fun with the London Stamps - all that's really popular this year over here what with the Queen's Jubilee earlier this month, England winning their group in the footie last night & the Olympics & ParaOlympics in August - every village has been a frenzy of Union Jack bunting !!!! So if you want an authentic British look - definately go bunting !!! Have a great week ! Ali #39

  13. Seriously lovely eye candy!!! Thanks for sharing:)

    Your desk looks interesting this week. Your new stamps look like buckets of fun...I so want them too!!!

  14. happy birthday! i hope you have a wonderful day. your snow globe stamp is wonderful. how nice that you can decide what to put in it! i had a giggle when you said you were sharing a dirty desk. oh my, what would you call my desk, LOL! happy WOYWW!
    hugs, #15 peggy aplSEEDS

  15. Love your Sherlock poster, how fab! Super stamps too, and I peeked at your tutorial, fab blue hair! Take care, am snooping still on Sunday, late but determined to get round more than I have for a few weeks! Zo xx 73 ps Happy Birthday!


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