14 July, 2012

Head Shots

After seeing this idea on one of my fan groups, I decided to run with the whole "Polaroid" thing. They're not only popular now, but they're incredibly easy to make in Photoshop instead of needing a stamp. Now, I HAVE a stamp, from Lawn Fawn, but as these are all digi images they're much bigger than the 2.5" square that the stamp provides. But in Photoshop it's simple to just crop a stamp into a head shot and then put a few boxes around it to make that Polaroid look complete. The other benefit is, sometimes I find doing the hair and the faces of people WAY more fun than doing their clothes. All those fiddly bits of jewellery, or doing the creases correctly, getting the shading right, all that crap. With hair and skin it just comes naturally to me, but clothing requires thought sometimes. Using this method you end up cutting of a LOT of that clothing and fiddly stuff and get a ton of the fun. It's especially good for those stamps where you might not like the theme so much, or the position of the body, but the face and hair are great. I can't tell you how many stamps this method has sold me just cos I can take out the theme and body position. Whether you decide to put them in a Polaroid frame or just use the head shot as is (which I do with a lot of Tickled Pink images).


  1. What a great idea. You are way braver at experimenting on the computer than I am.

    I agree about colouring the clothes.

  2. hi aeryn! these look great! love the head shot polaroid look! and wonderful coloring too!

  3. Great idea!! Very cute,

    Ciao Blankina


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