17 August, 2012

Customer Challenge Night!

It's time for my first ever Customer Challenge and Chit Chat Night over at SCS! Tonight, and all this weekend until Monday August 20th there's three theme challenges. The first is something Olympic related.
 Now, I gotta admit, I don't watch the Olympics. After the sadness of David Tennant's absence I just wasn't up to it. But I did take inspiration from Matt Smith's 11th Doctor for my card. I used Cafe Ian, coloured him accordingly, and used him to show off the UK's national pastime. I'm sure they're Olympic quality tea drinkers!
And the second is "dream destination". Well, I've wanted to visit England, and London specifically since as long as I can remember, so I had to go back to London for this one.

There's one more challenge "new steps", featuring anything new. I've not quite figured that one out yet. Stay tuned! I have all weekend and so do you!

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