29 July, 2012

Project Life 2012: Week 4

I've been having issues with my documenting of this year. I started out doing Project 365, but when we got Sirius things went a bit off track. I couldn't remember to take a photo a day. But I didn't want to throw everything out either. I also didn't like the other layouts that I had created. I'd gone with the idea of using just the Polaroid frame and that just made for boring pages. 

Then someone asked about Project Life on 2Peas and this gal, Kristin, replied with a link to all of her Project Life posts. I like the style of per entries, and the non-cohesive look of her design. I still don't like the divided page protector idea, but I was inspired to try some different formatting.

I started with the Kraft paper that I've been using for everything this year and put it on my scoring board. I mimicked Kristin's layout, with a set of six boxes and another row with a larger box and another small box. I then began to play with the paper that I'd picked to go with January, the Polaroids, and the photos that I'd sized to go into the frames.

This is the result. I have to admit, I actually really like it. Not only will it help use up this paper (which was languishing in a box), but it really adds interest to a page. You can see the first "attempt" here. It's drastically different. I'd only made three layouts like that and I'll be pulling them apart to do them in this format.


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