16 August, 2012

Lucky Bunny Birthday

This week's Farm Fresh Friday is all about birthdays! This worked out nicely for me because... well, I have this friend in WA, see. And both of us are TERRIBLE at mailing things, and we're both born in June. Can you guess where I'm going? That's right, this is her JUNE birthday card! I just got my present from her, and sent hers off the same day. It's not that we don't think of each other all the time, we're just not fans of the post office. So we'll pile up things in a box in our house for each other and EVENTUALLY get around to mailing it! I used Lucky Bunnies for this card, along with Echo Park paper and My Little Shoebox paper with a bit of twine and washi. Won't you come join our challenge over at TGF's Blog?


  1. I can so relate to this i do exactly the same with my GF, love her to bits but we just don't seem to match up things together when they should and randomly we send each other things. My birthday is the week before Christmas and people are always busy doing christmas stuff and hers is in the middle of the year and I am usually on production so nothing matches.

    Love the card and I am still smiling thinking there are other people like us in the world how wonderful.

    Eliza #102
    Happy crafting this week

  2. Aw, love the cute little bunny! The balloons look great with all the different patterned papers on them too. Lovely card! x

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  4. Sorry... I typoed and tried to fix it, but it was too late! So like I was saying.... why should our birthdays only last one day/year? Our way is more fun! And this adorable card is hanging up in my craft space right now.... :)


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