05 August, 2012

Siriusly SMASHing

  When I finally got photos printed I was delighted because I could start to actually put together Sirius' baby SMASH book. I've been journalling all along and leaving spaces for the photos and embellishment, but now I can share a few pages of his book. I'll share more as it goes along, of course.
This is the first page, with his introduction, the very first picture of him, and then a collage that I made of pictures from his very first day with us. In the journalling I tell how we got him, how our day went, and our first impressions. I used some SMASH tape, washi, and a Some Odd Girl stamp to embellish it just slightly.
This page is about Sirius' multiple vet visits as he got his shots and de-wormings. I kept a record of his weight each visit, a reminder card, added some journalling, and a TGF stamp called Nancy and Puppy because I thought it was perfect. There's a space left open for one more picture of Sirius with the same vet tech giving him his last shot (Rabies).

I hope you like the little peek at Sirius' baby book. I have it organized by month all the way through his first year and then I'll decide if I want to continue on with it. The first year of a pup's life (especially this one as he'll be training to be a Service Dog for me) is full of changes and growing so I think monthly journalling and pictures will be interesting to see later on when he's older.

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