25 August, 2012

Use it Up - Dear Lizzy

The Starting Point
 There's a new Dear Lizzy coming out, quite soon actually, that I saw at this most recent CHA. And whether I can actually afford to get it or not, I still have two collections languishing around in my paper stash. I like to keep my paper stash small. Very small. And to do that I need to make sure that I use things up sufficiently before I bring more in. Following this I decided to mush my remnants of the first Dear Lizzy collection "Spring" with the most recent Neapolitan (which I still cannot spell correctly without spell check) and see what all I could make with them.
 This is the first layout I made. Originally it was going to be about my thoughts on just turning 29, but then I realized I'd already done that layout... using this exact photo, just in 4x6. So I shifted gears and talked about the presents that Mike got me for my birthday. I've been watching a lot of Shimelle Laine videos and decided to go with the "lots of little bits" idea. It's a lot more crowded than my usual style, but we ARE trying to use things up here!
 The second is the 5x7 version of the photo I'm using as my profile pic here. A lot less crowded as I was now running out of little bits, but I've added in more chipboard pieces. I briefly talk about having little Sirius as my buddy, finally. Cats are aloof and Viggo is too big, but Sirius is my little shadow.
 Seeing I was down to just a few scraps I shifted gears to cards. After each layout having taken me a bit under an hour to futz with (along with internet surfing and a snack of a very ripe peach) I was a bit frustrated when the colouring/making of this card took me a full 28 minutes to do. I like it, but I wasn't in the mood for something so involved anymore. I used Photo Kaylee by Some Odd Girl for this card.
 So I switched to more simple cards. From top left to bottom right that's the order I did them in. I'd run out of nearly everything and so the last two were a bit difficult to put together and are kinda crap. 

The point of the whole exercise however is that my stash is now two collections lighter and I've now room for MOAR PAPER! Which, really, isn't that what it's all about?


  1. I have to disagree with you about the last two cards being crap, I think they are great, simple, but great. I struggle to do simple, as I like complex construction type cards, so it's always great to see simple cards for ideas. I too am trying to "use it up" but your approach is really good. Unlike you, I'm a paper gather and I use to hoard before I found Kathy Orta at Paper Phenomenon. Now I'm using my paper for her projects and I'm not afraid to use it or cut it up. I've also started my Copic colour journal, which I will upload a sample one of these days. Sorry to ramble, I just wanted to say you inspire me greatly. Cheers FiLoMa

    1. OH well thank you so much! I appreciate your words. I was *going* for simple on those cards, so I think I met that, but sometimes that simple to me looks like it needs more. I'm not an overly embellished person, and most of what I have is either paper, flower, or buttons, but I can't seem to leave well enough alone sometimes!

  2. Great projects, I agree the cards are great.


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