19 October, 2012

Dark Angels and the Occult

 I've been buying a lot lately... you may have noticed from the haul pictures. One of the things I bought recently is an order from Some Odd Girl. As Mike stated "instead of buying $30 and then shipping for $5, just make it a $50 order and ship for free." Really, he said that, OUT LOUD! So I did my $50 free shipping shopping on my phone on our way to the Eastern Sierras for fall pictures last week. My order arrived Tuesday, but it took me a full day to get to play with them. I get distracted easily, lol!
 First I used Angel Gwen. Now, you may have noticed I'm not on the halo wearing side. My sig usually has a Sherlock Holmes quote in it that states "I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for a second that I'm one of them." So, Angel Gwen wasn't what one would call a "natural choice". But I went back and forth, looking at her, looking at another set, and I just couldn't get her out of my mind. Why? Because I could do THIS to her! My favourite thing about stamps is that you're not boxed in by theme with them. You can do whatever you want. And a dark angel? Oh yeah, I'm all over that!
 Another thing that I bought (the reason for my shopping actually) was the witch outfit for my Kaylee's Closet set. I LOOOOOOOVE this set. The idea of paper dolls, but for adults, is a brilliant one and I'm glad to see the execution is so fun! I made my witch as geeky as I am with the little glasses and some fun purple hair. I then dressed her up with Martha Stewart papers, some Jolee's and she was done!

I have many more stamps that came with week (and in this order), and I'll slowly be making my way through them, so stay tuned! Until next time....


  1. I absolutely love them. Especially the first one, it just screams "I look all sweat and innocent, but I'm secretly plotting something".

    'As Mike stated "instead of buying $30 and then shipping for $5, just make it a $50 order and ship for free."' Seriously, need to find me a guy like that. Can't wait to see you guys for Halloween.

    1. Ehehehe, thanks. That's exactly what I was going for. Can't wait to see you too. <3

  2. These are perfect!! I think your husband should talk with my husband!! I like his thinking!


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