22 November, 2012

Farm Fresh Popcorn

Happy Friday, everyone! Did we have enough to eat yesterday? I did, and even my food coma can't stop my boundless energy. It's safe to say that I'm super proud of this one! Showcase Farmer Sara challenged us to make a card of our favourite movie. Now, my favourite movie is The Lion King... there's no lions in TGF's lineup. I toyed with some of the animal digis, but no. So then I came up with something else... which Mike couldn't guess and discounted as "lame". I said "you've got a better idea then?" and he said "Well MY favourite movie is the Lord of the Rings trilogy". To which I responded "challenge accepted". 

So there it was, how do I take an adorable, contemporary TGF image and make it look like he was meant for Middle Earth? For one, I knew I couldn't do it with just one image. I had to use two! I took WS Logan's body because of his hoodie he can look like he's wearing a the cape that was given to Frodo and the gang in the movie. But Logan's a little serious for wide eyed Frodo so I had to choose another face for him. My rubber collection consists mostly of Creeper Crew images, and as awesome as they are, again, doesn't fit with Frodo. I ended up settling on Surfer Ian with his shaggy hair.
 This tested my (non-existent) drawing skills, I can tell you that! I started on scratch paper, from right to left, and tried to wipe off the ink in the areas that I needed to alter. It took some fiddling, but eventually I was happy with what I had. I gotta tell you though, I wish this were its own stamp so I don't have to do this again if I want another little Frodo!

Oh, I almost forgot! I paired Frodo with an image by Make it Crafty from my "Unused Digis" file called Forbidden Tower. I knocked down Rapunzel's tower to make it a ruin, but if I'd pre-planned the colouring of Mount Doom I would have erased one of the peaks before printing. Ah well. Then I used Simple Stories Take a Hike papers to make the card and a few Prima flowers.


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