14 November, 2012

Goodbye Cards

 These took me three days to make. When I did the other image of the little fairy with the bear as sort of a goodbye to Nana my mother suggested that I should make something for my aunt and father, cards, you know? I asked on my Facebook page if that was like, etiquette or something, and it seemed the consensus was "whatever you feel like doing". I DID NOT feel like making these cards. But my mother asked and it's a nice thing to do, so I tried. Again, it took me three days. The images are from Some Odd Girl Stamps, she did a boy and a girl, and I figured that was pretty perfect. I was able to colour the larger cards, but the smaller ones I kinda lost steam on. I'm going to get them laminated though, and I'll be placing mine (the one in the middle), in the grave with Nana's ashes. Mostly I'm glad these are done so I can stop stressing about them. Plus I need to get ready to leave as we're heading up to NorCal for the funeral tonight.

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