20 November, 2012

Merry Chrismouse

 Rick St. Dennis is an artist I discovered just Sunday through my random blog wanderings. He's amazing! I pretty much love everything in his shop and want it all, lol! But I had to pick a few things at first (in keeping with what I discussed yesterday about my Creative Addiction) and started with Merry Chrismouse (the cat and tree), 2012 Outhouse Noel, and he also sells sheets! The Santa's Toyshop sheet got me the prezzies. I picked out the bear as well, but ended up coving him with the Mouse Boa Kitty from this sheet set here which is a phenomenal deal. I loved colouring all these images, using both Copics and my coloured pencils, and I can't wait to get started on another one of Rick's amazing images. While I'm not fully in the winter holiday spirit yet, I did enjoy working with the colours and theme on this project.


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