09 December, 2012

Deviant Art is Awesome

 I just recently joined Deviant Art. I'm enjoying playing around and looking at people's galleries. Especially since they're much better at art than I am. One of the super cool things I've discovered is that there are people that will share their awesome line art with Deviants for free! As we've discussed previous, I'm all about collecting images, so this is more awesome than I could ever have imagined.
 One such artist is named YamPuff. Her original line art can be found here. This is what I've done with it. I felt in a "pink" mood, which is strange for me, but it was fun!
 YamPuff also drew Emiko here. You can find the original line art here on her profile. Since cocoa is a holiday treat for a lot of people, I figured she'd look good on a holiday themed card.

I hope you like the cards, and you'll go check out YamPuff's drawings, both the free ones and her other beautiful works.


  1. Great job on these cardsLove Deviant Art...the artist who does a lot of work for MIC does line art on that site too and has some images she lets you use for free too!

    1. Oh believe me, I've got an entire folder on my computer full of her stuff! I recognised it immediately. I'm glad you like my cards. Thanks. <3


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