31 January, 2012

Thanksgiving 2011

Got my Thanksgiving photos together and figured I'd use up the last of the papers from the Thanksgiving "Thankful" mini album I made that no one participated in. I'm down to just scraps now, which is good. A few chipboard stickers that have more to do with fall instead of Thanksgiving. But these photos are officially scrapped and the story is told, which is good cos I tend to forget this kind of stuff once a bit of time goes by!

Steampunk Burlesque

This here gal is another Queen Kat Designs stamp. She's very sassy, isn't she? I've had her half-coloured for a while now and before I sat down to scrap today I figured I should finally finish her. Just another in the line to help me use up the Steampunk D├ębutante papers. I swear, I just bought them because they were pretty, no plan in mind, and now I've got to figure out a way to use them properly. Yeesh!

29 January, 2012

Intermediate Copic Certifcation Class

 Saturday, Jan 28th I went to the Intermediate Copic Certification class in Anaheim. The whole CHA thing was going on, and I think that's why we got so lucky, but though Sherrie Siemens was officially teaching the class, Marianne Walker was also there to teach and entertain us! I took my first class from her and she remembered me, which is pretty cool. The picture above is all my things packed up to go to the class. It's a good thing I brought my own markers cos there weren't a ton of sets and it was pretty much one set per four people which really made colour choices a bit difficult.
 Since Marianne's book had just come out when I took my original cert class, they were hard to find and she only had 5 there to sell. I was not one of the 5 that got one, and then subsequently got them signed. My jealousy knew no bounds. But I eventually got one, and then got another at Jenn Dove's retreat. Well, I sold that one to my seat neighbour, and Marianne was kind enough to sign my copy for me. Isn't her handwriting pretty?
 Mickey Jack learned a lot.
 Marianne is a fun teacher. She's nutty like me, in the fun way, so it's cool. And I love when she goes off on a tangent. The room was set up perfectly, all of us in a U shape, and basically Marianne and Sherrie each started at one end, met in the middle, and then went around with the samples and answering questions that anyone might have on the techniques we were doing. We covered a ton of stuff. Some of it new, some of it I knew from Jenn's class, but it was good to hear other teachers teach it. I think my brain was a bit numb by the end though, and I've been exhausted all day from the overload or from just talking and socializing so much. I met some fun gals, Laura to my left, Laura to my right, and Kathy were my seat mates and they were cool. It was Kathy's first time with Copics ever and she did a real good job.
 And boy did we get swag! We got our regular booklets, we got a pot of Opaque White, that kind of thing. We got out certificates and this neat little pin, but the feather in the cap was they gave each and every one of us a Copic Carry Case. New, in box, completely free. Since I already have this case, I'm selling mine to a reader (first come - first serve, just email me at aerynkelly@gmail.com) for $70 plus actual shipping, but it's still an *awesome* gift. The reception was kind of similar to the Oprah car thing. hehe
 I had to get a picture with Marianne this time, just cos, why not? You know? She was cool enough to indulge everyone in a little "star treatment" and took the time to answer any questions we might have on specific projects or anything that might have been troubling us in general.
And here's my certificate. The best thing was that since Marianne was there this time too, my name on both of them match cos she did the Calligraphy for both. Both of them are now framed and I'll hang them above my closet. I didn't want them to get all bent up or lost, so framing them seemed the easiest way.

27 January, 2012

December Snow

More snow photos. It's Big Bear, there's not a lot to take photos of. Plus these are the kind of photos I like to put up on my FB for my friends. When we have snow days like this, it's a bit consuming. And this here layout makes me randomly proud because out of the Crate Paper Prudence line I now only have 2 pieces of paper, some die cut shapes, and one more die cut background. It's almost used up! I mean, this was from back in the day when Crate Paper used to be GOOD, so I'll be sad when it's gone, but I'm happy to be using up my paper. I mean, it's being used up because I *like* it; that's why we buy paper in the first place!

May Snow

It's happened a bit more often now, but snow in late May and the actual *summer* was something I hadn't seen before in 2008. The blooms on the pretty bush/tree outside had just opened and all of a sudden we had snow! I went outside to get some quick pictures because it was just such a pretty sight. My Little Shoebox Oasis and Birdhouse papers used for this one.

25 January, 2012

Steampunk Gentleman

 This here gentleman is by Queen Kat Designs. He's one of the very first "person" stamps I ever bought. It's really surprising how tiny he is, especially considering how BIG this friggin' card is! I don't know what happened. I was sitting there straining my eyes to colour this guy, and then I just overcompensated. lol! I used the Graphic45 Steampunk Debutante papers on this and a TH embossing folder with a bit of sanding.

Christmas Tree

And the gigantic Christmas tree in the middle of Main Street Square. LOVE that tree. And look at all the little stickers I used! I used up all the chipboard stickers, most of the circles, and all of the squares. Boo yah! Oh, and that fabric paper? It's SO old that the sticky has gone brown. How pathetic is that!?

Christmas Lights

All the pretty lights in Disneyland are totally worth photographing. Using up more *Love,Elsie* papers here. Nearly full sheets!

More Christmas

 This week finds my desk in the middle of new Christmas photos (technically taken in November '11) and old Christmas paper (circa '07). In my ongoing attempt to use up my paper, I have dragged out some of my once prized *Love,Elsie* paper in the form of this holiday collection, Noel. No longer treasuring something as if it were gold (what? I was poor in '07, Elsie stuff was all I bought all year) means that the current style of randomly cutting and layering until the page looks right is not painful in the slightest.

24 January, 2012

Christmas (in November) at the Castle

New photos, old paper. There's nothing *technically* wrong with that. Here for our 2011 Christmas photos I used some old *Love,Elsie* papers. Must use things up, so I was able to stick *3* chipboard buttons and one epoxy sticker on this layout in an attempt to embellish it. Shocking, I know! I did use up two full pieces of paper on this layout, and diecut from a third, so that's helping.

Harry Potter Double Feature

We went for the Harry Potter Double Feature premier last year, so I made a layout about that. Harry Potter papers and Harry Potter stickers to stay in the theme. It's good I didn't buy the paper pack, cos I've got to use up the rest of the stickers and the scraps of paper. Hmm... Harry Potter cards?

New Year's

Made two pages for New Year's cos the actual New Year trip was so crappy, but Jan 4th made up for it, so the two stories had to go together. BasicGrey Out of Print used for this one cos of all the colours. Photos captioned with my FB posts.

Happy Winter

Winter arrived on November 4th, 2011 with the first snow. I took out my trusty cell phone and captured what I could, including the neat patterns made by the snow catching in the chain link fence outside my bedroom window. Happy winter paper by Crate Paper in use here. I'm not quite sure why I bought this paper collection, at the time I think I was just in need of new paper, so now I've got to use it up.

23 January, 2012

Spring Lizzy

 In my continuing attempt to use up as much of my paper stash this year as I can, I come to you with three cards using scraps from the Dear Lizzy paper line. First off, I took a scrap of the linedy paper, cut it in to 4" long pieces, and went through my stamps and rub on left overs to see what I could make. The following cards are what I came up with. I've been in such a snowy, wintery mood, and yet today (as the snow attempted to accumulated to 1") I felt very spring-like. This is the result.
 Thanks for stoppin' by!

Studio Monday: New Stamp Shelf

 And it's finished! All my stamps are hung up on yet *another* stamp shelf made by my very lovely, amazing, wonderful husband! Look how handy he is. For the first time in history the stores in Big Bear had what we needed and we were able to get all the supplies to build me another shelf this morning. He got it up in about 15 minutes and I just spent the last half hour getting all the little clips up and organised with their stamps on them. On the top shelf are all my SBS stamps together (all on the right side), and on the left side of the middle clip are seasonal stamps and lesser used general stamps. On the bottom shelf are my Papertrey Ink stamps all together (all on the right side) and on the left side is background stamps, general images that are more common, and all my Penny Black and Lawn Fawn stamps because those are the ones I reach for most often. On the very, very left I have my stamps that are best for my Project Life. Things like date stamps, letter stamps, and journalling spots.
And here's my neglected little Iris case. It's been emptied out! The only stamps that remain are the Greeting Farm ones, still mounted, and I haven't decided if I want to unmount them or not. I mean, there's no reason not to, they're not "more special" than any of the others, I'm just conflicted about them and for now they have their own space so that's fine. Also at hand I have the little bin for my acrylic blocks, the little bin for my Spellbinders and miscellaneous dies, the little pail for my embossing powder, the empty pail I use to show you the markers I've coloured an image with, and a tiny pail that's filled with random pony parts to be altered with clay.

I hope you enjoyed *yet another* peek at my storage, and since it's done now I promise this will be the last one, lol!

22 January, 2012

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

This is me attempting to colour with coloured pencils. I only have a cheap 24 set from Michael's that I got years and years ago. It's barely used cos I just couldn't get the results that I wanted with them. This is a little better than I've ever done, applying Copic techniques to the image, but it was a LOT of work. Pencils require much more pressure than markers do to get a deep, saturated colour. There was a lot of scrubbing with the pencil to even get rid of the random white of the paper showing through. It looks okay, wasn't a complete failure, but due to the difficulty I think I'll stick with the markers from here on out!

21 January, 2012


Mike's 34th birthday celebration consisted of dinner at my parents' house. It wasn't much, but it was the best we could do as it fell right at my Grampa's funeral. I used Bo Bunny Mammarazzi for this one, nice greens and blues in there.

Studio Monday: My Evolving Stamp Organization

 We went to Michael's today and finally found the proper, best clips there. They're part of that whole Recollections storage stuff. All the cubes we all have? Well one of the cubes must have some sort of hanging device because they sell a baggie of 24 clips and all their stuff was 40% off today so we got a bunch of those packages. 5 to be precise. 
 Of course, the problem is that I have so many stamps and still quite a small closet. Apparently 20" just isn't enough space! Look how crunched together these stamps are! Mike and I were considering coating the metal bar in some sort of lubricant so that the washer will move on it more easily, so I can page through the stamps, but the amount of stamps I need to put up on there is SO much that they just have to be crammed in and won't be able to move in the slightest!
 Here they are all hung up. That's *nearly* every stamp that I own.
All my wood mounted stamps have been unmounted and the wood disposed of to save space, almost all the packaging of clear stamps has been disposed of, all the cling mount has been ripped off the backs of mounted stamps, it's all gone! These are the only stamps that still remain untouched in their original packaging and with their cling mount. My Lawn Fawn, Greeting Farm, and Penny Black stamps. And the only reason for that is I've run out of room! If I had room on my shelf they would be up in there as well. I'm toying with asking Mike to build me another shelf tomorrow, above the current one. These stamps are not small in number, and then if I happen to add to my collection once the Scrapbook Expo comes to town *those* stamps will need somewhere to live! OMG! Finding space for stamps is nearly as difficult as finding space for paper and embellishments!!

But it's okay, cos I LOVE organising!

20 January, 2012

Boot House

 This here's the Boot House from Make it Crafty, and my second attempt at doing proper grass. I LOVE these little houses! ETA: This card made the top three mentioned images in the "drawing grass" contest over at the Make it Colourful blog.

19 January, 2012

San Diego

In 2008 I was having a pretty hard time. Depression had hit me hard and it affected everything. But after a trip to Comic Con in San Diego things started to improve. It was difficult, and it took time, but we were on the road to "normal" again and it was all due to this trip. These pictures kind of illustrate some of that. I used the BasicGrey Oatmeal collection for this one.

Deer Friend

 This here is my first entry into the Make it Colourful blog challenge. Our challenge this week is to make grass, which I'm... well, I'm not used to doing it. I did that cool one with the faeries, but it's gotta be a new card so I attempted it again. I've been wanting this GF set for a LONG time. I freakin' love that deer, you have no idea. I used a bit of old Basic Grey Wisteria cos it gives a soft look. I actually thought I'd gotten rid of this paper, was very pleased to find it again (sitting right with the rest of my BG and not hiding at all). I'll have to do more projects with the stuff.

17 January, 2012


 And welcome to my desk this Wednesday, hosted by Playschool. Hehe. Not really, but I've a lot of toys on my desk today. The Chipmunks have joined me officially now for my scrapping, Alvin and Theodore arriving just today. Simon has been here since the eleventh and I LOVE him being here. My Little Ponies have also joined me. I'm going to attempt to fashion them helmets and armour so they look like they're warriors in the game Skyrim. It has been drawn a lot, but it's also been done in real life, so I'm excited to try. I used to be good at sculpting when I was a kid, so I'm hoping my skills haven't atrophied. You can see the decapitated Fluttershy bottom right. 

On my desk proper you can see I'm in the middle of a layout. Lots of matting, the coordinating die cuts, and a little journalling spot, and I called it good. Yes, this is about as much mess as I make.
 Here's the final layout, all pretty and whatnot. Figured I'd post it here so everyone could see it properly.
 And now I need you guys to congratulate me. I used up a whole paper collection! I had one tiny 2 inch piece left over after doing this layout and the one previous and I've officially used up all of this MME Holly Jolly collection. Yay! I'm totally hoping to use up as much paper as I can this year, thin out the herd as it were, so this makes me way excited. I have SO much paper, not as much as some, but I really need to get it under control. I've also had my lovely husband change my Paypal password to try to curb my random spending. The Scrapbook Expo is Feb 25th and I'm going to do *everything* I can to not buy anything until then. I have PLENTY to play with, I need to use what I have, and THIS is the first step! One collection down.... maybe 50 more to go.

Thanks everyone for stopping by, and thanks Julia for hosting such a fun little adventure. Can't wait to see what y'all are up to!

16 January, 2012

Winter House

 This here is my first project with Make it Crafty stamps. I was waiting, biding my time until they had a sale, and this Saturday was the day! I was so excited and I got to work finding just the right stamps (a lot of the ones I wanted were sold in "packs" of several stamps of the same theme). I had to get the houses,since it was the houses that first attracted me to the company. And then the little elves. It's not Christmas anymore, but that doesn't mean I have to stop crafting about it. Plus all it took was a little eraser tool and I removed the bells from their hats. 

So this here is the Slimy House, along with Floppy and Zippy. This house is more commonly coloured with green, as it's kind of a swampy house, but I thought it suited more right now for winter and snow. It snowed yesterday, just a bit, and so I thought it fitting.

15 January, 2012

Christmas 2007

 I found these pictures of Christmas from 2007 and figured they finally needed their page done. The kids posing in front of the tree, and then Mike and I holding "our" kids. This was the year I worked at the ski resort so we couldn't go to my parents' house and they actually came to us. We had a ton of presents, watched Christmas specials, had a really good meal (cooked for us by Mike) and just had a great time. I had been so *not* feeling Christmas and then they came to us, it totally redeemed the whole thing. I used MME Holly Jolly paper on this one, some Papertrey ribbon and buttons, and a few stamps to dress it up.
 Here's a close up on my coloured kitty.

14 January, 2012

You are in My Heart

I gave him a nose! I think he looks cuter, don't you? Tiny little nose! ANYWAY, this here is another image I coloured at Mike's work, amusing myself, and I really like the red I got going on there. REALLY old Basic Grey in use on this one!

Yo, Happy Birthday

I have to drive Mike to work cos his meds make him all dizzy, so I decided to take my markers with me while I wait for him to get done. I coloured this little guy and thankfully was able to find some old BasicGrey to go with it.

Copics used: B97-91
E000, E00, E01, E11, E77, E79, E49


 Depression is fun, why not scrap about it?
A little focus on the journaling and the song by Assemblage 23 that inspired me to do this layout. Understanding depression isn't easy, neither is dealing with it, so... why not make a scrapbook page? Plus? Random pictures of me. I look all introspective and shit.

Those Eyes

Look at the puppy face! So orange. I dug down deep into my stash for this one, since I *am* trying to use it up and the friggin' boy has this certain colour orange fur that just *doesn't* match anything! This here is *Love,Elsie* Jack and Abby paper, which was all about the home and stuff, but whatever. That is the only thing I hate about her paper, it was all themed. I used my Tim Holtz dies for the flowers, some of the fabric paper, as many epoxy stickers as I could, and a little Papertrey Ink heart stamp to embellish the embossed paper. Unfortunately no brown letter stickers, so I had to go with some old Basic Grey ones, BUT I did use my Copic refill to dye the ribbon so it was the right brown.

12 January, 2012

Friendship is Measured by Kindness

I made this for a friend of mine. I'm wanting to use up my papers, so I figured all these buttons would help... yeah, 25 buttons later and my hands have cramped. This took WAY longer than I ever imagined it would. I can bang out a coloured card pretty easily, but this one took like... THOUGHT and... and EFFORT. ZOMG! A die for these buttons exist. I thought it was a waste of money... I... I don't think I believe that anymore!

Basically, You Rock!

 I love music themed stamps. They're so fun and they make me happy. I dunno what it is, but I can't resist. This here is Friday from The Greeting Farm. I'm trying, TRYING to learn how to colour folds properly. It's not easy and it's really just about guess work. But when this image is small it looks pretty awesome, lol! 

I'm attempting a "use it up" kind of thing this year, and part of that is my *Love,Elsie* collection. I doubt you were around back then, but I was REALLY into her stuff and her style and I loved all the papers. I have everything she made while working for KI Memories, embellishments included. Every paper collection has been used, don't get me wrong, but there's still papers and scraps sitting around and instead of chucking it, or just getting rid, I want to use it. I used to love this stuff, it deserves better than being tossed aside, especially for the amount of money I spent. 

I'm going to need to learn to layer more, not make such plain cards, but as with everything it is a work in progress.
Rubber Stamp: The Greeting Farm (Creeper Crew - Friday)
Cardstock: XPress-It, KI Memories
Paper: KI Memories *Love, Elsie* (Roxy)
KI Memories stickers
Copics Used
Skin: E11/51/50
Hair: C9/7/5
Outfit: B06/04/02/000/0000, RV17/14/11, BG34

11 January, 2012

Shine Brightly

Love these bunnies, I'm sure I'll be using them a lot more, especially with Easter approaching. I thought I'd create a little scene with them; just for fun. I like that the Dear Lizzy paper really helps with these kinds of scenes since it's already laid out with grass and clouds.
Clear Stamp: The Greeting Farm (Lucky Bunny) Papertrey Ink
Cardstock: XPress-It, Bazzil Kraft
Paper: AC Dear Lizzy (Spring), Pink Paislee (Nantucket)
Papertrey Ink ribbon
Papertrey Ink dies
Twinery twine

Nuts About You

I saw a card with these guys forever ago, before I knew how to colour, and I wanted them. I discovered TGF specifically because of this set. The are just SO CUTE! I'm totally about cuddly forest animals! I also decided to incorporate the "selective colouring" thing I saw on the Penny Black blog. Sounded cool, and I like how it turned out here. It brings focus just to where you want it, the object of the chipmunks' affection!
Rubber Stamp: The Greeting Farm (Forest Friends)
Clear Stamp: Lawn Fawn (heart)
Cardstock: XPress-It
Paper: Pink Paislee (Nantucket)
Spellbinders dies
EK Success corner punch
Copics Used: E55/57/77/79

10 January, 2012

Charlotte's Web

Unfortunately Mike came home sick around 1pm and went straight to bed, but he still let me craft (I was very, VERY quiet), so I was able to make this little card inspired by Charlotte's Web. It took a little doing, this spider web used to stay "Happy Halloween", but I think it came out well despite the difficulty.
Clear Stamp: Lawn Fawn (Critters on the Farm, Say Cheese, Heebie Jeebies
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: Basic Grey (Green at Heart)
Twinery twine
Copics Used: G85/21, YG03/97, RV11/23, W5