29 April, 2012

Hippy Chique

One last card for the night, this one just for fun. This here is 60s Willow from Tickled Pink. Technically I picked the paper first, Prima's Sun Kissed, because I like it so much. It's bright and Spring-like which is nice because our Spring up here has been so strange. I wanted her to match the light, subtle colours of the papers so I coloured her with my Polychromos. Pencils just give you an easier "soft" feeling. Copics *can* do it, of course, it's just lazy vs dedicated time, lol! Hope you like it. I added a few flowers, and the Prima butterfly to cap it all off. I'm glad I'm actually using these flowers I bought. I was worried I'd just got them cos they're pretty, but they're fitting into my new style nicely.

I'm Excited for Your Birthday

 This here card is for my dad. It's his birthday on Thursday and I'm sure he's not all excited and stuff about it. And since Lilith and I share a common unenthusiastic expression and I'm sure my dad's not quite looking forward to getting older, eh? This here Lilith is from the Futuristic Tickled Pink set. I'm not quite sure about them, in general, but in these portrait kind of things they look just as good as all the others. I used more of the Echo Park This and That Charming line, cos its fun. Although I do wish I'd chosen the paper before I coloured her shirt black, it would have looked better in the blue matching this line, I think. Ah well, too late now. Dad will like it anyhow, I'm sure.

You're the Best

 I made this here card for my nana for Mother's Day. I used Evie from the Tickled Pink Victorian Steampunks because she's elegant and I figured that works for her. I originally planned to make this more of a red/pink kind of thing, but it just turned out all purple. I used Jillibean Soup papers, some twine, and two washi tapes for the background.


 This here is Dancing Mae from Some Odd Girl. I bought here a little while ago and finally got a chance to colour her up a few days ago. I LOVE music themed stamps, from anyone really, they're just so fun. The only issue I had while making this was the fact that I seem to have lost my B91 marker. It's a bit difficult to do, without conscious decision because it has my name on it. It's probably around here somewhere, but still, I don't have it right now and that sucks. I used the Echo Park paper because it's bright and friendly. I like bright and friendly, and I hope you like this card!

27 April, 2012

Break My Heart - I BREAK YOU

Another Lilith I did this weekend, Valentine Lilith, from Tickled Pink Stamps. Her I coloured with my Polychromo pencils. Mike actually expressed that he liked this one, which I enjoy cos it's rare something actually catches his eye. This is also the first time I did the skin in pencil as well as the rest. Usually I use the Copics, just in case of any slip ups. But I'm pretty sure it turned out okay. I've already found a few issues with her hair, just looking at this image, but whatever. No one is perfect. I used my Jillibean Soup Hearty Barley papers and embellishments on this card.

So Happy for You

I LOVE Lilith, can I say that? She's so fun, in her completely unenthused way. She's just the "regular" Lilith, from Tickled Pink Stamps. Her sort of "every day" expression and outfit leaves something to be desired when making a "happy" card. But for the ironic card, she's perfect. I used MME papers for this, a button from Pink Paislee London line, some twine, and even some random metal brad things from Club Scrap. I coloured this entirely with Distress Markers.

Rammstein Concert

 This layout took a long time to come together. Mostly because Rammstein is a German "heavy metal" band and they're anything but common, so coming up with a layout to scrapbook about their concert was pretty difficult. I still don't think I'm truly happy with it. But here it is. I used Simple Stories Awesome paper, as well as a piece of Bo Bunny Mammarazi for the blue, along with some SMASH washi.
 This here is Tyler from The Greeting Farm's Creepin' Kit. He's a bit too "cute" for the heaviness of Rammstein, but what are you gonna do? I made sure to colour him in red, just to make him look more tough.
Here's a close up on the journalling. Just cos.

25 April, 2012

This & That

I figured it would be fun to use "boy" papers for an all girl layout so I put together a layout using the Echo Park This&That Charming paper.

Little Brother Cuddles

Playing some more with the Amy Tangerine Sketchbook papers. This layout is pretty random, for me, but I'm good with it. Just a little page about my little brother. The good thing about animals is you can pretty much use whatever papers and stuff you like because they're usually going to go with it.

Simple Pleasures

I got some new Amy Tangerine Sketchbook papers in a few days ago and figured I'd have a play. You can also see the sum total of my washi tape collection. There's a HUGE obsession with the stuff going on and for now I'm resisting it. For one, I'm not a fan of the fact that it's not *actually* sticky. The damned stuff keeps coming up on the edges. It's good in the SMASH books though. I like the brightness of this collection, and it's pretty random. I added some Lawn Fawn sticker letters and a bit of coloured pencil to the flower printed on the paper, just to punch it up a bit.

15 April, 2012

Love The Small Things

I'm going to make this my mother's day card. Something about the capacity for loving small things being perfected by mothers... It's a work in progress. But seeing as it is a celebration of mother's day (and mothers in general) I'd like to enter this into the "Celebration" challenge over at My Mum's Craft Shop. I used Everyday Lola cos Lola is *always* my favourite and papers/embellishments from Jillibean Soup. I hope everyone likes it. I've now picked out 900 flaws in it and am resisting the urge to attack it again.

Keep Calm, I'm the Doctor

 Okay, so he's not *technically* David Tennant, but he looks similar. Right when I first saw this Tickled Pink stamp I knew he was close enough to DT that I could make it work. I had this space paper for something else, and I just got the whole "Keep Calm" stamp set from JustRite and the Lawn Fawn stamps filled in the blanks for that. I was shaking pretty badly today, but I was able to colour him decently well, which I like. I put this right up on my scrap wall, just cos... well, I love David Tennant's Doctor. He's the best

13 April, 2012

Steamy Romance

 More adventures in the light and dark sides of life. I decided that with the sketchy aspects of the images they'd be suited to the Tim Holtz Distress Markers. I combined two of the lovely steampunk images from SBS, including romance Jacob. I want to enter these into the Make it Colourful challenge as well as the Simon Says Stamp challenge, just for kicks. I hope you like them! And I really like this challenge idea. It shows just what can be done with little differences in colour and theme, but the same stamps.

Sugar and Spice

 Over at the new Make it Crafty forum there's an interesting challenge going on. (ETA: This image won the Top 3 spot) The idea is to colour the dark side too. Apparently people usually colour images in a more lighthearted and "pretty" way, so the idea is to colour the same image in both light and dark colours. I instantly thought of Lolli here. She came to mind because of the characters Sugar and Spice from the movie Batman Forever. They're Two Face's...girlfriends, henchmen, whatever. One for his more human side, and one for his more... mutated-by-deadly-acid side. Enter two Lollis and different personalities for her. I used my Copics on them as well as my coloured pencils. It's MUCH easier to use these, oil based as they are, and blend seamlessly with the Copics and with themselves. I love it! Anyway, thanks for looking and I hope you like my entry!

09 April, 2012

Mickey Jack's SMASHing Adventures

 I come to you with more SMASH pages from my Mickey Jack album. These are some from around Thanksgiving.
 And our trip to Disneyland at the end of November. A bit out of order, but it needed two pages.
 The early part of December on these two pages, Mickey Jack's small adventures out.
And the very last of the pictures I have printed out. 

Basically for Mickey Jack's album I'm trying to match the colours to the photos, but I'm also trying to use up embellishments, paper scraps, that kind of thing. SMASH is all about random stuff just kind of slapped in mish-mash. I can't really do that, cos I'm so linear in my scrapbooking that I need order. Basically it's becoming little scrapbook pages. Anyway, I hope you like them, I'm having a ton of fun. I have to get some more photos printed cos Mickey Jack has many more adventures to scrap!

07 April, 2012

Mickey Jack is SMASH-ing!!

 I am enjoying the SMASH bandwagon. It was difficult for me to figure out in the beginning, but now that I have my one therapy journal (which is going well, btw), I'm branching out. And I have all these photos with this little figure that I named Mickey Jack. I take pictures of him in random situations, as if he were on little adventures, and frankly I had NO IDEA how to scrap them. I HATE mini books with a passion, I really do. They bother me. But a lot of these photos don't warrant a whole layout. Enter the red SMASH book.
This here is the dimensional cover. I saved the little card from Mickey Jack's packaging so that went on there right away. I'm using this Echo Park paper I got from an awesome kit at SBS. I'm slowly dipping my toe into the Echo Park pool. The prints on this one are really bright, but I think that worked out well with the "randomness" of Mickey Jack's SMASH book. I used some of my new Prima flowers from the Expo on it (they're almost gone!), some original Dear Lizzy ribbon, and some buttons. I'm a big believer that if I get a cover for something, I'm going to use it. Plus, if I'm taking the time to *make* a cover, I'm not letting it get spoiled by water, or dirt, or whatever. So after this dried and was all stuck together I put the protective plastic cover back on it. Now the flowers won't rub off or get ruined and I can have a cover like this without worrying.
 This here is the first page. I use ALL the pages. This is literally the first page, the opposite is the inside cover. A little explanation of who Mickey Jack is, and his very first pictures, one taken just outside the shop in Disneyland where he was bought and the one taken just outside the Disneyland entrance. Usually I upload these photos to my Facebook so I'm transcribing the official Facebook posts into the book.
 Since he was bought three days before Halloween his first pictures are Halloween themed. I used some random bits from Bo Bunny and the old Basic Grey Eerie line for these two pages. 

And then Mike had to go to bed. Frankly though, I'm *so* jazzed about this project. I like this book idea, I like that I didn't have to make it, and I like that it's not a traditional mini book. I hope you like my SMASH pages!

04 April, 2012

Monster Pets

How much is that zombie doggie in the window? Or how about the blue fire fox? Hehe, I LOVE these new animals from the SBS Spunky Spooks line. I'm a huge fan of animals, if you haven't noticed. I added JackJack in there, cos I love him and his gentle stroll seemed to fit best with the scene. I have other plans for the gals from the Spunky Spooks set. I'd like to enter this into the Easter/Animal challenge over at My Mum's Craft Shop. I'm *sure* the cute animals are enough to fit, hehehe.

01 April, 2012

Loving Repair

A layout I made tonight using the new Dear Lizzy Neapolitan line. My stuffed Mickey, that I sleep with every night, is now 21 years old and sometimes he needs repairs. These are the before and after photos where I sewed him new gloves. All Dear Lizzy products, except for the 2 Prima flowers. Turns out I'm using the new flowers I got, which equals good, and I'm kinda liking it.

Secret Bunny Activities

Today I've been having a little bit of early Easter fun. I love the fun side of Easter. The eggs, the colours, the bunnies, the baskets, all of it. When I saw these Easter Simply B digis I instantly had the perfect idea for them. What if these guys were the ones in charge of making Easter for millions of kids around the world. Helpers, sort of, like in the wonderful movie Hop. Cool, right? So I put together the Whimsical Log from Make it Crafty with the Easter Sweet Gothic Kids from Simply B Stamps and got to work. It's a big project, this is a full 8.5x11 piece, but it was a labour of  love. I was a little worried about how it'd turn out, but the more colour I added the more I liked it. This is definitely one of my faves of my recent pieces. I have to tell you, I'm completely addicted to this whole "merging images" thing. It's amazingly fun!! I hope you like it. A bit of the detail and subtlety is lost on the picture, but that's the best I can do without a scanner, sorry. Anyway, thank you for looking, and I hope you like my little bunny scene!