29 June, 2012

Copic Tutorial: Colouring Straight Hair

 This here is my first tutorial. If you have any comments or suggestions please don't hesitate to let me know. I hope this is in some way helpful for you! Don't forget, you can click on all the pictures for a closer view.
 Okay, so here's what you'll need.
1. A pretty image (this one is Ariel from Simply B Stamps) with nice straight hair.
2. A bit of scratch paper so you can test your colours.
3. And three Copics. A dark, a medium, and a light. We're looking for a LOT of contrast here so that the hair doesn't blend too much, which is why I've selected Bs with vastly different numbers.Today we are using B18 for the dark, B6 for the medium, and B2 for the light.
I start with the darkest colour. I use a light flicking motion to make smooth, thin lines. Her hair is straight so it's very simple to make just straight lines that follow the way her hair will fall.
(Now, this is the way that *I* do it. I cannot stress that enough. There's a billion different ways to do hair, and this is actually counter what they teach in the Copic certification classes. I'm going to say that up front. There's no right or wrong way to do this.)
It's much easier to keep the lines thin and straight when you're using a downward motion, so rotating the paper to do the bottom will help. Strands of hair are darker from the top and bottom, and the shine tends to be in the middle so we'll be mimicking that on the image.
 Here we are with all the dark completed. The hair behind her body is going to be darker because her body is blocking the light. It's still shiny, but just not as much. Right now I'm working with the premise that the light is more coming from the left of the image. Where her hair is parted (in the centre) will be darker, as well as where it is tucked behind her ear.
 Next we come in with the medium colour. We start from just about the center of the dark blue that we coloured previously. As you can see on the left I'm just coming about midway down into the white space I had created. We want to leave room for the light blue as well.
 Here it is with all the medium blue. Again, the part her body is blocking I've just used the dark and medium blue. It won't be getting much light so it won't have much of a chance to shine.
 Then we come in with the lightest blue. You're going to want to leave a bit of white, as well, so be careful. At this stage you want to use the lightest flicking motion you can, and keep your strokes very thin. What I try to do is start almost all the way up into the very dark blue and then bring the light just barely down into the white space that we've left. That way there's no temptation to fully cover it over with colour. It also helps to blend the colours a bit.
 Here is what we have with all of the light blue brought into it.
 Lastly I come back in with the dark, just to reinforce the lines of the darkest colour. You still want to be able to see the implication of individual hair strands so this step will allow the places that have blended a bit to stand out.
Ta-Da! You're done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and are excited to try this out yourself!

27 June, 2012

Reach For The Sky

I've spent most of the day reorganizing my blog (which is still in progress), but I had a change to step away and make this little card here using Lawn Fawn stamps. Just something simple and fun for the summer.

26 June, 2012

Birthday Present Cards

 I had an AMAZING birthday. So fun! We went to Sea World, saw the Orcas and got completely soaked. We checked out the fishes and then headed out to lunch. We went to the same Thai place we went last year and it was another absolutely flawless meal (if you're in SD, it's called Rama Thai on 4th in the Market District). I even got a free dessert of mangoes and sticky rice with a little candle in it. I looked up a scrapbook store called Paper Tales and did some shopping. They were a bit expensive, but I got these goodies here. I love Lawn Fawn! Then we headed up to Disneyland. It was EMPTY! It was so cool, all the ride lines were short except the Cars Land stuff. Neither of us was very impressed with Cars Land, but we enjoyed our time in Disney until it closed at midnight. Finally we went on to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles for a very late dinner.
And I had to make a few cards right away with my new stamps. I love the simple and fun images of Lawn Fawn cos they're perfect for paper piecing. And then I decided to first try out the embossing with Spellbinder dies. I got three sets when they were 50% off at Joann's (this is one of them) so I figured I'd test them out. I really like the effect with the ink rubbed on the edges. I gotta use my airbrush more so I'll try this again with that. Plus, I just like the little lemons.

21 June, 2012

A Boy and His Pup

For this here card I combined two digis, ABC Oscar from Simply B Stamps and Spring Puppy from Some Odd Girl stamps. I was a little iffy on if it'd work or not, but once I got both files in there I think it worked pretty well. Then I just made a simple card for it. ((grin))

20 June, 2012

Snow Globe Aquarium

I've been wanting to get some paper piecing done for a while now, and it's just been so hard! I'm like all distracted and there's so many images to colour! But I wanted to do something simple and fun with patterned paper. I'm not completely sure about the mix of patterns on this, but oh well. I was just playing around. I used My Little Shoebox papers for the stamps and then MME papers for the card itself. This is why I wanted this Penny Black snow globe stamp cos you can do so many fun things inside it. I made some sea grass in the bottom for fun, using my Distress Markers.

Lad Lestat

This was so much fun to colour. This is Lil Lad Lestat from Tickled Pink and I got him as a digi recently (cos they're having a 50% off sale) and decided to do a close up of him because it's so much fun to colour people like this. You get to focus more on their faces and their personalities. It's technically a card, but it's not like... embellished or anything. I'm too simple on my cards, but oh well!

London Love

Yesterday I received the London Calling collection from Penny Black in the mail. I've been wanting them since I saw the 2012 catalogue and since my birthday is on Sunday (the 24th) I figured I would treat myself. These were NOT cheap, but whatever. That's what birthdays are for and I LOOOOOOOVE anything London or British in general. I swear to you, I was born in the wrong country. ((pouts))
 These are the two cards I made. I've wanted the snowglobe for a while because it's an empty canvas. You can put whatever you want in it. So, I put the city of London in it! Yay! Then I played around with the double decker bus stamp. I love all the animals on it. And I have a ton of ideas with this one so I'm excited.

15 June, 2012

Notice the Incredible

 I had this idea, for like a girl too absorbed in her own life to notice the incredible things around her. So I searched through my digi stamps and made this little scene here to illustrate it. See, cos the girl is too absorbed in her physics book to notice that there's a unicorn right in front of her. I dunno, I'm a writer, our brains are a bit weird. I used Bookish Tia and Unicorn from Some Odd Girl stamps as well as the Old Oak Tree and Daffodil Dell from Make it Crafty to put it all together.

14 June, 2012

The Fairest Girl

Make it Crafty had a brand new release today and I got this gal here. I like the full body image, of course, but these sort of profile things are my favourite uses of digi stamps. This is a bit of a rush job cos I only had an hour until Mike had to go to bed and I can't colour when he's sleeping. I wanted to keep the embellishments minimal to keep the focus on the girl, but I had to go with the butterfly because it's just so pretty. I used some BasicGrey Origins paper to spruce it up since it has a lot of nice greens and browns.

03 June, 2012

Harry Potter

 I found this little Harry Potter by Karber Designs. I have to admit, they're not quite my style, but I really liked this little chibi version of Harry Potter, so I sprang for him when he was on sale recently. He was a bit difficult to colour because in the stamp his eyes are just black dots. Well, in the book the whole point is Harry's green eyes and every character is all "you have your mother's eyes" every two and a half seconds so I had to put them in there somehow. I carefully coloured a ring of green and then coloured the flesh tones around it very purposefully to leave the whites of his eyes. I was pretty sure that if I defined his eyes with a black Multiliner it would have taken away from the impact of his eyes. Doing his hair was pretty fun because it's so all over the place, lol! And, of course, it was a nice exercise in using my greys, as colouring any Harry Potter stamp is since his hair, shirt, pants, and robe are just various shades of grey/black. I left the ticket blank so I'd have a place to put the sentiment when I decide what all this card is for. ((grin)) I hope y'all like it!

01 June, 2012

Brainy is the New Sexy

 I love this guy by Tickled Pink! I have him in rubber form, but I had to get him in digi just so I could do something like this and he's on sale right now so yeah, I jumped! I'm going nuts for these little cameo type things right now. And, of course, I love colouring big images. He's 5" high! I left him without a sentiment though because I'm not quite sure what I'd use this card for. Better to not specify yet. I also wanted to keep the decoration minimal, in case it ends up being a manly card.