30 October, 2012

Finally, New Paper!

I just got back from 3 days in Disneyland with my BFF and this is what awaited me. A whole pile of new toys! None of it is Halloween though, and I'm still on the Halloween kick, so I'm going to get back to colouring a zombie scene.

29 October, 2012

Costumes Tell a Story

 Hello! I'm back from my tiny holiday and I present you with THIS. I made it using The Beauty stamp from Make it Crafty. She's one of those images I print out randomly and get around to eventually... though I tend to buy right away. You'd think I'd learn to just buy as I need things. Ah well. Anyway, she's not technically meant to be Halloween, but why not!? I coloured her that way and paired her with Webster's Pages Halloween offering this year and a few faux pearls.

Copics Used
Skin: E21/00,YR0000,BV23,RV11,R20
Hair: W9/7/5/3/0
Clothes: YR9/16/12. Y38
Background: YR21
Eyes: YG67

25 October, 2012

Fresh, Clean, and Simple

 Showcase Farmer Jess M. decided to challenge (me, personally, it seems) everyone with making a "clean and simple" card. Really? REALLY?! As terrible as I am at making those lovely embellished, fancy cards you see all over SCS, I certainly had a hard time leaving this card the hell alone once I'd gotten the stamping and washi on there. It just looks so STARK! I want to attack it again and shove some patterned paper on there, a brad maybe, some stickers, and colouring! I even used purple because I figured I'd like it better and be able to handle it, but no. It's too stark for me. BUT, it is "clean and simple" so there you go. Come and try your hand at it with us this week!

23 October, 2012

Zombie Trick or Treat

I loved the brown that I did on Christian's hair so much I just wanted to keep it with the dark brown and white, but I couldn't do that, so I made sure to add some of the lightest browns I could find. I think I really like how it came out so I might do that again, hehehe.

Digital Image: Simply B
Paper: Carta Bella
Embellishtments: Carta Bella, Recollections
Copic Markers

22 October, 2012

Haunted Boot House

 Okay, so, the problem with doing those big 8.5x11 scenes is that I get a bit addicted to them. I had this idea pop into my head and it wouldn't let me alone until I completed it; in a day. That's right, I did this whole thing just during my Sunday. In that time I also napped, played video games, and dicked around on the internet way too much. Just to put things in perspective.
First, I wanted to see what it looked like with just the background coloured. I've done this before, and it's pretty cool looking, right? Plus, it allows you to make sure you know just where the house parts are, where the background is in relation to the characters. The background being the Boot House by Make it Crafty.
Here are the markers I used on just the House and background.
 Next I moved on to Marlene Cauldron by The Greeting Farm. Since she does indeed have a cauldron with fire and whatnot I wanted to give it a glow, which pretty much means making all of her and her kitty glow. It's a fun technique that's easily achieved with Copics since they colour over and "erase" each other when you need them to.

Copics Used on Marlene:
Fur for Both: E09/08/19/17/31/34
Cauldron: T9/7/5/4/2
Fire and Glow: YR09/15/, Y38/11/06
Hat and Clothes: V17/15/12
Mis: RV11, YG17, E77
 Then I moved on to Ivy Broom by The Greeting Farm. Since she's near black and dark blue from the background I wanted to make sure she stood out and coloured her outfit in green.

Copics Used on Ivy:
Fur: E29/27/25/23
Outfit: YG67/17/03, V17/15/12
Bat: W9/7/5
Mis: Y26, E44, RV11
 And lastly, little Penny Witch by The Greeting Farm. At this point, she was SUPER fast to do because she's white, and because I was so near the end that I was more in a groove than anything.

Copics Used on Penny:
Fur: C5/3/1
Outfit: W9/7/5, YR09/16/12, V17/15/12
Mis:R20, RV11
And now you see the whole thing all together. What do you think? This was so much fun to do, I really loved it. And I like it a LOT better than the last time I attempted this house at the beginning of this year. It's so much more vibrant and, of course, Halloween-y! I hope you like it as much as I do! Until next time!

Simply B 13 Days of Halloween 2012 - Day 8

 Hello again! Today's challenge was twofold: create a black and white card, and to use skeletons or bones of some sort. I went with another "no lines" image, I've two left now after printing out an entire page of no lines images, so you'll see more down the line. I used Jude from the Teen Scene 2012 Halloween set and a Recollections skeleton stamp that I embossed in white. I wanted to keep it clean so I just added a bit of ribbon and a Jolee's sticker to embellish the sentiment. I hope you like it! 'Till next time.

Digital Stamp: Simply B
Clear Stamp: Recollections
Embellishments: Recollections
Copics Used:
Face: C1/2/3
Hair: T9/7/5
Bandages: W6/3/1/0
(This also clearly illustrates the
differences between the greys)

21 October, 2012

Happy Haunting

 Just a little card for you today. Usually when I print things out, I fill out a whole sheet of paper, so as not to waste it. Lola Persephone fit on the last sheet I printed, and I coloured her up over the course of a few days (of being busy and sick). She's not technically Halloween, the set is more suited for Valentines I suppose, but I'm still in a Halloween mode. Valentines can bite me. So I coloured her up all green and black and paired her with some lovely Creative Imaginations paper. I made her fame a bit like a Polaroid, gave her some fun stickers, and called it done. 'Till next time!

Digital Stamp: Simply B
Paper: Creative Imaginations
Embellishtments: Recollections
Copics Used:
Skin: E21/00, YR0000
Hair: T9/7/5/3
Clothes: YG67/17/03 (same for eyes), W8/6
Lips: R46/14
E49 for swing strings

19 October, 2012

Dark Angels and the Occult

 I've been buying a lot lately... you may have noticed from the haul pictures. One of the things I bought recently is an order from Some Odd Girl. As Mike stated "instead of buying $30 and then shipping for $5, just make it a $50 order and ship for free." Really, he said that, OUT LOUD! So I did my $50 free shipping shopping on my phone on our way to the Eastern Sierras for fall pictures last week. My order arrived Tuesday, but it took me a full day to get to play with them. I get distracted easily, lol!
 First I used Angel Gwen. Now, you may have noticed I'm not on the halo wearing side. My sig usually has a Sherlock Holmes quote in it that states "I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for a second that I'm one of them." So, Angel Gwen wasn't what one would call a "natural choice". But I went back and forth, looking at her, looking at another set, and I just couldn't get her out of my mind. Why? Because I could do THIS to her! My favourite thing about stamps is that you're not boxed in by theme with them. You can do whatever you want. And a dark angel? Oh yeah, I'm all over that!
 Another thing that I bought (the reason for my shopping actually) was the witch outfit for my Kaylee's Closet set. I LOOOOOOOVE this set. The idea of paper dolls, but for adults, is a brilliant one and I'm glad to see the execution is so fun! I made my witch as geeky as I am with the little glasses and some fun purple hair. I then dressed her up with Martha Stewart papers, some Jolee's and she was done!

I have many more stamps that came with week (and in this order), and I'll slowly be making my way through them, so stay tuned! Until next time....

18 October, 2012

Fresh and Cheeky

 This Friday Showcase Farmer Jas has tasked us with using faux pearls on our cards. Since I didn't have any of these I made sure to pick some up at the Scrapbook Expo. They're pretty fun. Small, and nice, but not drawing attention to themselves. I used Cheeky Kitty for this card and attempted to colour her so her leather suit looked shiny. Not really sure it worked, but that was the idea. I used last years WRMK Spookville papers, some Queen and Co. letters, and some Jolee's kitties to complete this card.

17 October, 2012

Happy Halloween Precious

The challenge was to use lime green and distressing on our projects, which works for me because that's one of my favourite colours for Halloween stuff. I used Zombie Teen Rio, just a headshot of her, and since she's a zombie I think she can pull off the green skin. I added some Pink Paislee papers, a few DCWV stickers, pearls, and punched drippy goo and called it finished!

ETA: This card won the challenge entered.

16 October, 2012

2012 Ontario Scrapbook Expo

 The last Scrapbook Expo of the year was on Saturday in Ontario, CA and I was so excited for it because the fall ones are my favourite. The summer CHA stuff is out and that's usually the best for me because I love all the Halloween, Fall, and Christmas stuff. I was also shopping for my Secret Santa, so her stuff is mixed in here as well (the embossing folders, two of the 6x6 pads, and four of the packages of Prima). I got a great deal on those 6x6 pads, and that's all the Christmas I ended up buying, but I did pick up a bunch of the Pink Paislee Phantom line from last year as my 6x6 pad is almost gone. I love that paper and the mix of colour.

No Lines is Spooky

I decided to do something new and try the "no lines" thing for the first time. It's pretty easy when all you have to do is desaturate the layer of your image in Photoshop. I printed out a whole page of images, so I've a few more left, but this was the first one I've ever coloured. WHY I started with an image that is so difficult to define the lines I have NO idea, but there you go. For the webs I used MME stamps and I added a little Jolee's spider on the sticker sentiment because he's just wandering about.

Scream Like a Banshee

I used Banshee Lola for my card. I thought it was a bit odd she was looking so drastically *up* so I had to put something in the sky... why not a witch? Then I found this great paper and I knew it was a match. The moon is a glow sticker, but the pictures just wouldn't come out, so you get to imagine it. This is only the second time I've done the "no lines" technique, but I think it came out a lot better. It's pretty hard with images that have faces and eyes that aren't just dots.

15 October, 2012

Greeting Farm Blog - Aeryn's Double Take Tuesday

 Are you ready for another Double Take Tuesday? I certainly am, cos it's mine! I have a sketch challenge for you. Now, I gotta admit, I basically just go into Photoshop and draw, but that's really how I create too, so I think that fits.
 This is what I came up with, some nice layers, a bit of embellishment, and the focus mainly on the image itself, as it should be!
AerynSkeleton  And here's the card that I made for you all. Still with the spooky theme as I LOVE the Halloween season.
 Here's Melissa's interpretation, using the same sweet Halloween stamp that I did. Great minds!
Kelli used Miss Anya Scarves to create this lovely card
 Jessica did a bit of a different take on the sketch, altering it a little. It really shows that I can actually create something with versatility, lol! Plus, she embellishes so nicely... I never do! She used the Holiday Blessings clear stamp set.

13 October, 2012

For the Love of Sherlock

 This month's Customer Challenge and Chit-Chat Night hosted by The Greeting Farm was super fun, and the theme was Fave Classic TV show, and Fave Current TV show. Well, I was going to cheat and do Doctor Who for both, but then I thought "why not Sherlock?" Because, always, why not Sherlock?!
 My piece is loosely based on this wallpaper I have of Sherlock and John. I have many similar pictures up in my scrap closet to inspire me when I'm crafting.
I used Cozy Ian for Sherlock, cos... scarf! And I used Wild Sprout Dressy Jeremy for John cos... sweater! I then paired them with the Hollywood Stars Sidewalk from Make it Crafty because it's the only "city" thing that I have, and the boys are all about London. I added a Penny Black stamp of Tower Bridge when I was finished, a Simple Stories journalling spot for the background, and some letter stickers to complete the piece. I've still got one more project to go for this challenge, and I hope you'll join us! It's open until monday and you have the chance to win a 4x6 rubber or clear TGF set of your choice. Come on, that sounds awesome! Submit your entries here!

11 October, 2012


 MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! Welcome to another Farm Fresh Friday and our challenge today was "buttons and bows". WHY on earth did I take such an unassuming challenge and turn it into a massacre? Um.... I'm just twisted like that!!! And it really is a challenge to turn someone so cute into something so gruesome, but I think I managed it. Yes? Please join us this week and show off your buttons and bows (blood optional).

10 October, 2012

Halloween Goodies

The good thing about travelling is that you get to visit new scrap stores. I asked on 2Peas where we should go in Phoenix and they came back with a store called Scrapbooks Etc. The best thing about this store? It's a duel scrapbook and quilting store!!!! I HAD to go!
 First I hit up the fabric area and picked up these. The two layer cakes in the back are great because, really, there's no cutting required. I can just take those blocks, sew them together, give them a border, and that's quilt done! The littler packs will require just a bit more work, but it's still simple. Plus, with all that Halloween loveliness, I don't really care how long it takes!
 Then I went through all the scrapbook goodness they had there. I picked up some older papers, some new papers, some clearance stuff, just a mix of everything. I'm super happy with that trip!
The next day we did a bit of shopping, some eating, and I hit up Michael's. They had all their Halloween stuff on 60% off, so I got a few more things to decorate with. I got those neat new boxes to put stuff in on my desk, LOVE it! I got a stamp set, some stuff to make my own wreaths with, a few glass jars, some ribbon and embellishments, and a few ornaments. 

09 October, 2012

Retro Halloween Candy

 It's Retro Fresh time! This month's theme is CANDY! WOOO! I love candy and you KNOW I love Halloween. I used this cute TGF owl set to make a little Halloween scene for you. They're a bit wise cracking, but... well... at least *I* thought it was funny. I hope you like it, and I hope you'll play along with us this month and show us your candy cards!

08 October, 2012

Double-Take Colour

 Showcase Farmer Kelli's challenge for us this week is to use the colours grey, white, yellow, and aqua. I used Sparkling Season to make a little friendly, happy card to give to someone special.

Rest in Pieces

I thought she was cool cos she looks like Morticia Addams. I dressed her up with some MME paper, a rather large ribbon, and a sentiment sticker.
Copics Used:

04 October, 2012

Fresh Poison

 Today's Farm Fresh Friday is brought to us by Showcase Farmer Eva and she challenged us to "recycle, reduce, and reuse". As luck would have it I'd snagged a tissue box out of my DH's hands when it was empty. The purple pattern was just too pretty to let go to waste. And I figured Latte Anya would look lovely stamped on one of the panels of the box. So I stamped her on the panel, heat set her, and paired her up with some Martha Stewart Halloween paper, some ribbons, and a sentiment sticker. I hope you'll join us this week recycle, reduce, and reuse on your cards.

Trick or Treat

I made this card for my niece using Little Skeleton Oscar, my Copics, and paper from Webster's Pages' new Halloween line.

03 October, 2012

Love, Love, Love

I got some MME "On the Bright Side" papers on clearance so I figured I'd play with those, and some of the die cuts from the new Amy Tangerine "Ready Set Go" collection. I really love this paper and this page came out all "lovey dovey" which was interesting. But we had a really good meal that day, and Mike made it extra special.