30 December, 2012

Project Life 2013: Cover Page

A new year is pretty strange for me. Part of me is excited for the ability to get a new start on things. A clean slate. The other part of me is still bitter about the previous year, as it seems there's always something to be bitter about; usually round the end of the year. That time between the end of Christmas and the beginning of the new year is a depressing few days for me, I've no idea why. It's like you're neither here nor there, just waiting for something to happen

Anyway, less depressing, I'm going with Project Life straight off this year. No more pretending I can pull off a Project 365; my life just is not that interesting. I'm going to be using Amy Tan's Sketchbook line because it's bright and pretty. The Simple Stories Life Documented line was easy last year, but a bit sombre. This line is bright and varied and should hopefully work with nearly everything I take pictures of.

I always start off my intro page with a little "hello, this is the new year, this is how it's starting" even when I was just trying for monthly sum up layouts. What state of mind I'm in, what's going on, and what I hope for the new year. That kind of thing. Here's to actually completing this project!


  1. I also enjoyed Amy Tangerine's line and found myself wanting to do more mixed media type stuff, and digging out the H2O's.

    Can't wait to see what you make with it!


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