31 March, 2013

MiC Design Team: No, Really, Don't Blink!

MiC - CuteButDeadly copy
The thing about being a Doctor Who fan is you end up seeing the world differently. First, you're like, "Oh, isn't that a lovely little garden scene". Then you blink, and this happens:
The Weeping Angels are one of the creepiest Doctor Who "monsters" and since this post is about April Fool's and "something amusing" I thought it would be amusing (and sadistic) to scare the crap out of everyone. Yeah, that's how I roll. ((nods)) April Fool's is for pranking! The only way to stop a Weeping Angel from getting you and transporting you back in time is to not blink. They can't move if someone is looking at them. So remember, Don't Blink!
This has been Aeryn, scaring the crap out of Whovians, just for the fun of it. Hehehe

Make it Crafty stamps used: Balconies, Doors, and Windows Set, Angel Singing Carols, Angel Fluffy Cloud, and Garden Picket Fence.


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