27 May, 2013

MiC Mirror Post: Steampunk Mia

Hiya! Aeryn here! I hope you all have seen and have been loving the new Cute Colour Girls as much as I have. By their name, you've probably guessed they're perfectly tailored for *cute*. Recently though I heard of the challenge to colour the *opposite* of what an image normally brings to mind. Like, for a boy, what if you coloured him in bright pink? Just a complete 180 from what you'd expect. So I was looking at Mia, and thinking about  all the bright, pretty, sweet colours I wanted to use and tried to reverse it. Instantly I thought "Steampunk!" I'd just sprung for a package of Make it Crafty chipboard pieces as well and I was so excited my new direction would let me play with them too!

I didn't want to go *totally* brown with Mia, so I added in some bright blue. It started with her pretty little eyes. One of the fun things about the Cute Colour Girls is that you get to create their eyes any way you want. I made sure to leave a lot of blue so they'd be more striking with the black of her hair. Then I feathered some blue in her hair too. I wanted her outfit to look like leather so I made it brown and I ended up giving her a brown dot background as well. Add in the chippies, painted with Smooch paints, and some Steampunk paper and she was finished!
I hope you like her and that you'll go pick up some of your own chippies. They're about to retire, so get them while they're hot! Stay crafty, everyone!
 Here are the Copics I used on Mia.
Make it Crafty supplies:
Swirly Corners Chipboard (I'm in LOVE with these!)

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