20 June, 2013

MiC Mirror Post: Ladies...

Hi everyone! Aeryn here and I'm SUPER EXCITED! You may not know this about me, but I *love* gnomes. No fooling. Gnomes and tiny houses and wee little things that live in forests? Yeah, I'm *so* there! I grew up riveted to this tv show: David the Gnome. So, naturally when I saw the images for MiC's new release I was ecstatic. Add in Gnomey Harry's pose and the fact that we've got A TEAPOT HOUSE and I started to feel a little lightheaded, lol! In what I'm sure will be just the first of *many* images I make for you with this set I combined Gnomey Harry with the Magic Mushrooms and Whimsical Flowers. Look at Gnomey Harry, he's just chilling out, lookin' for some love. You can find him and his entire Whimsical World right here: Make it Crafty Store.

I hope you enjoy! Stay crafty!

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