21 December, 2013

December Daily 2013 (8)

This two page spread is dedicated to the day we spent in Disneyland on the 18th. It's kind of important so I figured I'd give it more space. Pretty emotional layout, but yeah. I was raised with Disney as a big part of my life, almost as some are raised with religion as a big part of their lives, so Disneyland is one of the most special places to me.

I keep thinking I should show you these things in order, but that's not really how I'm making them, so this weirdness is kinda fitting, you know? I work on it when I get a chance to and it's kinda nice to flit from day to day; those that we have done things during, and those we have not.


  1. Beautiful pages! Great story. I love Disney but I've only been a handful of times. I'm hoping another trip will be in our near future.

  2. Nice pages - my hubby and I are big Disney fans too :)


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