05 December, 2013

December Daily 2013

This year I'm attempting a December Daily. You may know that I have kind of an issue with Christmas for the last few years, and this year I'm attempting to change that... if I can. I don't have much stash at all, since I don't do much with the holiday, and I wanted to make this project as easy on myself as I could so I decided to get the Stocking Stuffer Kit from Scraptastic. It even comes with a free class on their message board which is fun. I know it's expensive, and I'm not pretending it's not. But without any stash (aside from a few stickers I found, and digital stamps) and it including not only an album but items I'd not purchase on my own, I thought it'd be a simple way to do this project. The least amount of fuss, the more likely it is for me to continue.

You can probably tell that with only the title page and "day three" done I'm not doing this fancy, or in order. With just myself, Mike, and the fur kids we don't tend to do a lot of activities or anything. We visit family very close to the actual day, but that's about it. I'm going to try to mix it up, to incorporate this year, as well as memories, and also to incorporate digital stamps or internet images when I don't have pictures. I'm also kind of struggling with the pockets. It's a bit strange to be locked into random sizes, or to the size that I used the previous day. It's a learning process, but I'm really just trying to capture that "magic" everyone talks about.

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