30 December, 2014

Project Life 2014: The Final Push

No, it's not actually Sunday, but this is what I've been doing Monday night/Tuesday morning. I was, thankfully, able to find the "idiot proof" software my Selphy came with and it made printing out all these photos a lot easier. Mostly just drag and drop stuff, especially with the Instagram photos which stay nice and square with this method. When last I ended my PL scrapbooking I finished Week 45, so that's now 7 layouts until the very end of 2014 and I'll have stuck it out for a whole year. I'm actually really impressed with myself. Sure, there were times that all I had were video game photos, but I think that goes to show what life was like. For me, and for Mike. Sometimes that's just all the photos we have, that's just all we do, you know?

While I'll not be continuing my Gossamer Blue subscription in January, I have to say I'm rather thankful for it. Getting the kit and not wanting it to pile up kept me motivated. Knowing that I had supplies right there to throw together pages helped. As much as I enjoyed this kit and know it helped me, I do not think it was "worth it" to me as when there were embellishments or stamps or cards that did not fit my style it just drove up the price of the kit, you know? I think it helped me learn what I will and won't use and hopefully, maybe, for 2015 I can make my own kits and be just fine.  We'll see how well that thinking works out, but for now, this is the final push for completing 2014!

20 December, 2014

Holiday Cards

What have I been up to that has kept me away? This is 70 of the 150 holiday card that I sent out this year! Lots of stash used which makes me super happy. It was a lot of work though and I still have cards for our families to do as well. Looking forward to playing with all the other cute holiday stamps I have in my collection.

I hope you're having a great holiday season. Stay crafty!
(Oh,and if you click the Instagram tab you can see more fun crafty and card making photos)

06 December, 2014

Winter Wonder Bear

Over Black Friday "weekend" I got a lot of stamps. Yeah. I made my first order with Purple Onion Designs since they were having a big sale (along with everyone!!!) and today *eighteen* stamps arrived. I had to colour at least one immediately and I picked Icicle. He's so cute and he looks great with my Caran d'Ache Pablos. I used watercolour paper for this and he's a "second stamping", the darker version is being saved for later. I used Lawn Fawn paper and some of my Prima flowers to dress him up. I probably should have added some green to the card, but oh well!

I hope you like him. And dealing with Purple Onion for the first time went well, so I'd recommend them. Good quality stamps, but no packaging or anything, just raw unmounted rubber packaged in tissue paper.

05 December, 2014

Snowflakes on Your Tongue

Eight new Whiff of Joy stamps arrived from Austria today. I found it ironic since they say "made in the USA" all over them, but whatever. We ship them there, they ship them back at a higher price, lol! Anyway, I love them. I'm very happy that though they were cheap they're not insanely small or something. So I had to colour one right away. I freakin' LOVE this little kitty and she's not exclusively holiday, she's winter, and it's been raining the last few days which I ADORE so that feels like Winter to me! I tried to keep with the blue/purple but I wanted to make her a nice combination of orange instead of going with grey, since the snow is grey.

I hope you like her, and I hope you're enjoying me posting more often. I'm still not done with these holiday cards. I think I'm stalling. So much. But they're cluttering my desk, so I'll have to get to it at some point.

03 December, 2014

Yellow Owl

Since I've lost my ability to use my Copics, what with the lung sensitivity to the alcohol ink, Mike has decided to gift me with a a new set of coloured pencils. I've been coveting the Caran d'ache Pablo pencils for a while now. Year before last it was a choice between them and the Polychromos, but the Faber-Castell Polychromos are the "second best rated pencils in the world", behind the Caran d'ache Luminance pencils and above the Pablos. But, as I found in using them, there's a few colour holes and it's FUN to blend. 

And honestly, I HAVE to tell you that these pencils are gorgeous! I mean, they're incredibly pretty in the case (the big 120 set metal case), but they're just a dream to use. They sharpen perfectly in my X-Acto School Pro sharpener (the most recommended for high quality coloured pencils - especially by me, it's awesome) and they colour like BUTTER! Gorgeous pencils. Wonderful colour. Couldn't be happier. I mean, there's not a whole lot going on with a white owl, but I'm loving it.

For the card itself I just used scraps, a base from the holiday cards that I'm making, and some Stickles. Easy peasy. But I think the effect works, you know? Anyway, I hope you like it, and if you want "the third best rated pencils" definitely buy the Pablos. They're totally worth the money.

02 December, 2014

Holiday Card Production

Holiday cards are underway! Look, a tiny pile on the left! Yeah, I dunno who these are even going to, or how they'll turn out, but that's not the point. The POINT is that using this one page wonder layout I cut up an entire holiday paper collection, folded up some excess kraft paper, and went to town. I was desperately bored earlier colouring multiple stamped images (see yesterday's post), but this break has helped. I also put on the holiday albums by Pentatonix and though I'm not sure what I'm singing about (I think some of the songs are religious or something) I sound pretty great. It's going along easily. I just hope the cards actually look like something nice when I'm done!

01 December, 2014

Studio Monday: Holiday Card Creation

Oh gosh, two Studio Mondays back to back and nothing else! Yeesh! Well, I'm *hoping* that that is going to change very soon and I'll explain why.
Calculating just how much I spent the last few days for Black Friday (super stamp blowouts!!!) and seeing how many stamps I have already that are just totally awesome (super stamp collection!!!!), I realised that I truly should start making something. Not just something, but a LOT of somethings. Since it's the holidays why not start with holiday cards? I mean, I'm a sucker for holiday stamps and there's only one month I can tolerate using them! I'm really not a "yay, Xmas!!" kind of person, I'm more of a "bah humbug!" sort of person. But the stamps; I have a weakness to the stamps that is unparalleled. I think Halloween and Christmas stamps really rival each other on which I have more of. Unfortunately, buying such themed stamps, and having so little time I can bear to use them in, I have many that haven't been coloured yet. And I never stop buying them! Every year I buy more!

Something has to be done, so here we go, this is me stamping out some brand new images, some older images, and truly enjoying the new organisation set up of my stamps. I took all the sets apart, put all the images together and all the phrases together. Now I'm able to easily find exactly what I might want to use since ALL the winter and holiday stamps are together in that little black box you see on the left hand side of the photo, along side any paper and embellishments that I have for winter/holidays. One stop box! Since there's two boxes for Halloween and only one box for Christmas, and the Halloween boxes don't actually have *paper* in them I'm going to say Halloween "wins", but neither holiday wins in my having used everything I've bought, sadly.

While trying to focus on making cards, colouring, and actually using my things, I'm also going to focus on making cards that *leave* the house. I'm realising just how many cards and such that I have and truly, they need to leave the house! All of the images you see stamped out in the centre of my desk will be fussy cut, coloured, and placed on cards. Those cards *will* go to someone. Seriously. Once I have the photograph for my own "records" I truly don't need to keep the card!!!

Anyway, wish me luck, and I hope you're all having a great holiday season so far and that you're MUCH further along in your card making this season, if that's something you do.

24 November, 2014

Studio Monday: Paper Parade

Many things have happened in my "studio" over the past month. You've seen the photo where I turned my Expedit on its side and Mike worked to move the cubicle doors in the second-from-the-top cubes so they're right at eye level when I'm sitting down. Perfect for my paper, no?
Then came having to fill the paper cubes properly. There was a first cube, the one on the right. It was fine. It was happy. It was a nice little cube. And then I realised that I had cardstock in an Iris case, and I had Halloween paper in *another* Iris case, and I had Christmas paper in YET ANOTHER Iris case. Well, in the interest of making things smaller here, I knew that *would not stand*. The only problem was that Cropper Hopper stopped making the Page Planners that I currently use for my paper and even if they hadn't I don't actually *approve* of owning this much paper and therefore did not want to spend much money at all on a new paper solution. But without a holder or corral of some sort the loose paper would get squished in a cube with paper that was safely ensconced in a Page Planner. After discussion on my message board, a kind person sent me her baggies that she'd formerly been using to house her paper.
She said the only issue she had was that the baggies were 13x15 and the excess plastic was annoying. Of course, that didn't seem like an issue to me because TAPE. All I had to do was put the paper in, zip it up, flip it over, fold over the excess plastic, and tape it up. Problem solved and now the baggie is 13x12.5. Woot. I have too much Halloween paper, but there you go. I love Halloween. As you can see, my Halloween paper got a nice, new home in cube two (the left), next to the extra paper that I bought "in case of emergencies or lack of income". Yes, that's what it's there for. Most of them are re-buys. Things I've used and still liked and at $7 for three collection packs, who the hell is going to turn that up?! The Christmas paper, since it is much smaller, is in the little swirly box above cube two along with all the other Christmas papers and embellishments I own.

Now, how long do you think it'll take me to use up a ton of paper so it all fits into cube one again?

20 November, 2014

Love You, Sugar

I actually have a new card! Messed around with a new way of colouring hair and did all of this in pencils. The sad truth is that, due to my Cystic Fibrosis progressing faster than... well, anyone would like, I'm unable to use my Copics. My lungs are just too sensitive. At this point, I can't even handle the perfume in my face wash or shampoo. Seriously, I can *smell myself* 20 hours after I've showered! It's insanity. And nothing blocks it out, either. Masks, breathers, doing copious amounts of breathing medicine treatments... yeah.

All of this blather means that I'm going to be colouring more in pencils, or other non-smell things. No alcohol, no nothing. What I used for this was my Polychromos and my Distress Inks sponged on to the background. I was even able to wear a mask and melt some embossing enamel. Sequins are in, so I used them, and I used the new lacy flowers that I got recently at the Prima warehouse sale I shared with you a month or so ago.

Anyway, I hope you like this card and I'm sorry there won't be much, or any, Copic work in the future unless something changes dramatically. I'm doing what I can in the way of creation and I'll share with you the pretty stuff as soon as I can!

18 November, 2014

Falling For Turkey

Okay, I'm going to admit it: Halloween is over. Yes, I know, it's devastating that we must wait an entire year for Halloween to come back. BUT, I have a new project that, funnily enough, I made last year but never shared with you because I made it when *Fall* was over! It's still Fall now, and it's just before Thanksgiving here in the States, so please enjoy this cute little turkey from Some Odd Girl. I really love how this card came out, he's actually a real card too, and I hope you like him too.

25 October, 2014

Gimme Candy!

I made this entire card today! I'm actually pretty surprised and happy, since it's been a while that I've properly crafty and just finished something! It's also been a while since I coloured something entirely in Copics. No coloured pencils to assist, just Copics and blending. I'm very pleased with how her skin came out in this neat grey. I layered the crap out of this card, which has been made much easier by my cardstock now being very accessible, at eye height even, on my Expedit. I'm really zipping through this Greeting Farm Halloween set, I love it so much, so it was definitely a very good buy. I combined her with some Bo Bunny papers, a sticker sentiment, and a cute little owl. We're still allowed to use owls if it's Halloween, hehe.

24 October, 2014

A Happy Kitty Halloween

Wednesday was Mike and my official, unofficial Halloween. We went to Disneyland for the Trick-or-Treat Halloween party. Mike, myself, and Sirius were dressed as Dipper, Mabel, and Waddles Pines (respectively). It was super fun to be dressed up as a family, to spend time with Mike, and to have fun with everyone while we trick-or-treated. It really renewed my excitement for the holiday, you know?
So, excitement, yes, and then there was all this reorganisation going on still in my space. The table is cleaned off, but there's still random piles on my floor, there's still stuff in Iris cases, and there's still a whole empty Alex unit to be filled. I tackled paper on Thursday and realised, hey, I have WAY too much of it! It's now up to two Expedit cubes, which I don't approve of, and three more paper collection packs arrived in the mail today! One of them was for scrapping this year's Halloween (didn't need a whole collection pack, or anything really, but it's pretty!) and another is a nice, generic Christmas collection from Carta Bella. I have some very cute Christmas stamps to use this year.

Anyway, long story short, too much paper means I *have* to use some. I haven't been scrapping much at all this year, so cards it is. I had this little cutie on my desk, coloured up last week, so I got him on a card. He's from That Craft Place which, I have to say, I'm not totally pleased about the quality of the stamps. They seem to have just been drawn and scanned, no clean up, no proper digitization and so they have a "dirty" scanned look to them. This one even had specks of what I can only assume were eraser effluvia on the image, which was quite small too. BUT I managed to Photoshop it enough to get it to work well enough, obviously. Coloured up with Copics and pencils over a few days of messing around. I have a few more stamps like this, super cute, so I'm looking forward to colouring them and sharing them with you over the next few remaining October days.

20 October, 2014

Change Is Happening...

Saturday we went to IKEA and change is happening! Look at this mess. Seriously, it's insane what you have to pull apart to put things back together. My goal is to downsize, but I'm not purging. I'm just reorganising. It's surprising what you can do when you take things out of packages and get them into the best and most usable situations. All the stamps on my desk, that's yet more organising. Anyway, since I'm neck deep in all this, I am a little distracted from the crafting, but I'm still colouring. There's eleven more days to Halloween and I really want to celebrate the crap out of it!

17 October, 2014

Monstrously Cute

I have to say, the second that I laid eyes on the Halloween set from The Greeting Farm I knew it had to be mine. I love it! The little characters are just so freakin' cute all dressed up in their costumes. This is another image I coloured while playing my game, in between battles. I'm really loving the combining of Copics and coloured pencils, so I think I'm going to be sticking to that for a while. Definitely requires a new skill set!

I'm in the midst of reorganising *all* of my supplies, yes, but I've done the Halloween stuff, including all the stamps, and I gotta say I have some pretty awesome stuff! I'm not really happy with how this card came out, but I had a lot to choose from and I might have just gotten a bit random, that's all.

15 October, 2014

Haunted Fairy

Halloween is coming! You know I love it, and yet I'm trying, trying so hard to get excited at all. One of the ways is COLOURING of course. And you want to know the craziest thing? I seem to enjoy colouring *regular* images in a Halloween type way more than I do colouring actual Halloween stamps! Kooky, right? This little gal started out as a Spring themed fairy and then I got to her and now she's a witch. I bet that flute is to lure small children into her oven! I coloured her with Copics and pencils as is my wont lately. I just love the effect it gives.

13 October, 2014

2014 Ontario Scrapbook Expo

Last weekend was the Ontario Scrapbook Expo. I know I haven't been creating much lately, having more fun gaming, but I promised my friends from the message board that I'd join them. I haven't been in a shopping mood, I've been absent from the message board (and I keep getting PMs to come back...), so I thought I'd show. Little did I know Mike would decide Friday night that he wanted to go to the Eastern Sierras! Since I'd have to cancel plans he figured I could go as long as we made sure to book out of there at 12pm. I had to drive us down there, since he worked two straight weeks without a day off and was tired, then Sirius and I met up with Jeanne and got to shopping.

Since I didn't actually need anything, and was only looking for the latest release of Lawn Fawn stamps, mostly we just wandered. The gamer paper pack, the 6x6 and 3x4 pack, and the stickers in the front were from a booth called Part Time Sally. I dunno what's up with stupid names for scrapbook companies, but they had newer stuff and nice discounts. I had 3 times that picked out, but I put the rest back. I got three little punches from another place, little leaves, because I have tiny tree stamps, but don't want to cut out tiny things. I found another place that had a new line from Amy Tan, stitched hearts and whatnot. Cost me just a few dollars so that was nice. As Jeanne was talking to a friend of hers from a stamp company I noticed that Echo Park was at this Expo. Same deal as Anaheim with three packs of paper for $7. I was distracted because I saw they actually had Chillingsworth Manor this time and they were sold out in Anaheim. For my other two packs I just got plain "distressed" paper since I don't much like cardstock and I figured it'd be good for layering. I also got a few more packs of the super cheap divided page protectors. I gotta say though, this has to be the least I've ever spent at an Expo. Barely $60. But then, yeah, I wasn't really feeling the shopping thing and I didn't have a whole lot of time there to wander and be enabled by the gals either.
Had a great time. Dunno if I'll be making it to the Anaheim Expo, but if I'm around I'll definitely be meeting up with these ladies again!

09 October, 2014

Hidden in the Mushrooms

Sometimes working on a digital stamp scene is like working on a project itself. Add in the weeks of colouring this off and on, and you can say that I'm not quite up to my usual production rate. I *tried* to make this like a psychadelic, cute fantasy scene. I'm not sure it worked, but I really enjoyed doing it. I coloured the base in Copics, and then the details were done with my Faber Castell Polychromos.

06 October, 2014

Hello, Fall

National Cardmaking Day was last Saturday and I figured I probably should be making something, especially since I had this little guy sitting on my desk just waiting for me. He was coloured during a big long talking session of my game. Gets kinda boring, so I colour. I paired the pup with a few scraps I have left from last Fall's lines from Imaginisce and Lawn Fawn. I knew these flair would go to use at some point. I hope you like him. He's a little messy, but I'm really liking that look from my pencils right now. I know I could colour it clean and smooth with them, but where's the fun in that?! Hehe.

05 October, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 33

Ah, week 33, the week that it all got crazy. I don't know why the pictures are all crappy, but  that picture on the bottom is the first picture I got with my guild in Elder Scrolls Online. I was having a bad day, the guild I'd been with was crappy, and all of a sudden I see an advert for a new vampire friendly guild. I talked to the Guild Master, he seemed cool, so I played with them for their events. Great time. And in no time, literally, he promoted me to member and then all the way to guild leader, just below him. It was pretty awesome, especially with how sad the week started out, losing Robin Williams and all. But yeah, this was the start of my obsession, getting completely lost in ESO way more than I had been before. It's been good for me, but bad for my crafting I guess, lol!

I hope to see you next week for PL Sunday, and I *do* have a few projects to post this week too.

25 September, 2014

Halloween Is Coming!

It's coming! Halloween is coming! It's nearly here, if you go by Disneyland's standards. You all know that I LOVE Halloween by now, I'm sure, and hopefully the inspiration of this wonderful season (and if I get VERY lucky - changes in my life) will motivate me to create and share more. I've been lost in Elder Scrolls Online for over a month now, especially since I found a great guild and wonderful group of people who I get to talk to every day over Team Speak. It's a good place to get lost, but during my down time I still cannot resist colouring. Most of this was coloured while listening to my guild mates discuss the best way to attack and conquer a dungeon in the game. We never did win it, but heck, the image got coloured!

Digital Stamp: Make it Crafty
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: Imaginisce
Faber Castell Polychromos
MME brads
Recollections stickers
Prima jewels
Enamel dots

21 September, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 32

Yet another Project Life Sunday is upon us and I have a pretty mish-mash week going on. Same with the embellishments, actually. I hadn't done a ton of crafting in a LONG time, getting lost in ESO mostly, so I just basically wanted to throw everything at a page. It worked out nicely though, since pictures of supplies and then *using* supplies tend to compliment each other. I really like these cards from the Gossamer Blue kit, too, since they're so bright. I think I'm getting used to using so much pink.

I hope you like this page, and I'll see you next week!

12 September, 2014

Don't Worry!

I'm colouring slow these days. I mean, it's not a big deal, I'm not in a rush, and I've totally given up the idea of using all my stamps in one day. But it's just funny that it's taking me a few days to colour something because I'm just kinda "eh" on colouring lately. It's still fun, but I'm not crazy about it. Anyway, this was pretty fun, since it was so bright. I used two PL cards to make it too, how fun is that? Love using all types of supplies on everything. I embellished simply with enamel dots because DOTS! Haha! I hope you like it. This card has already found a new home and if you want to be able to claim a card for your very own be sure to "like" my FB page as everything gets poster there first!

10 September, 2014

Watercolour Wednesday: Birthday Flowers

Hello, everyone. For today's Watercolour Wednesday I have flowers! A good friend of ours has his birthday the same day as Mike's (Sept 7th) and I was actually able to see him this year since we all went out to lunch together. I had to pop home while they took care of putting his things into a moving truck so I decided to draw him a little picture for his birthday. I thought I'd make flowers from Taiwan, since that's where he's from, but they all looked complicated. Instead I went with red and gold, since they're "lucky" colours. I drew the flowers, then I mushed some regular watercolour around randomly, and then I went with Twinkling H20s for the detail. It got a bit messy because I was shaking from my medicine, but I think it worked out okay. Anyway, he seemed to like it as his present, so that works.

08 September, 2014

Studio Monday: Make Your Own Embellishments

 Again, back on schedule, I bring you Studio Monday!
 It's SUPER popular right now in papercrafting to make your own embellishments. I mean, everyone has the supplies on hand, mostly. All you need is a few punches, some scraps, maybe some enamel dots... heck, even I have an entire Pinterest board with ideas for hand made embellishments on it.

For my first foray these are my supplies: scraps of paper from a collection that I'd used up, several punches, and a few brads. Simple, right?
 Then it was just a matter of time and hand strength. I punched and punched, and punched some more! I found that the pink circle punch in the above photo was really too hard for me to work with, but it was the perfect size, so I ended up pulling out one of my Spellbinders dies and using that for the simple circle that highlights the two doily punches. It took a lot longer, working with the die, but it did feel better to be using my dies, eh? Don't we all need to use those things a lot more, considering how much they cost and how much space they take up! All I had to do was punch a pile of one circle, punch a pile of another, then the other, and when things were very, very tiny I punched a heart or butterfly until the scraps were all gone!
Here is a sample of the cards that I made with these embellishments. With a little bit of washi tape, some stamping (here a sentiment and a little "Peep" as these were given to pals from my message board), these "batch produced" embellishments can be the focal point of cards. If you're a frequent visitor you might know I'm somewhere in between the "fancy" cards and the "super simple" cards when I make them. These came out a little plain for me, so I'll have to play with them a bit, but the embellishments definitely make a good focal point.
And, though you've seen this layout posted before, you can see how I used these same punches and embellishments on my scrapbook page. I just omitted the plain circle for these ones since I wanted to keep with the few simple colours I had chosen for this layout. But you can see how they can be adapted to work on scrapbook pages as well as cards.

Have you tried making your own embellishments? Do you have your own Pinterest board for home made embellishments? Let me know, and *definitely* link me to your projects so I can check them out. I'd love more ideas and I certainly have enough scraps to use up around here. Have a great Monday!

07 September, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 30

Getting back on schedule, welcome to Project Life Sunday! This week didn't have a ton of highlights aside from our camping trip for BIL and SIL's wedding so I ended up ordering the special "road trip" themed cards from Gossamer Blue to make this page and to make the actual layouts (which I'll do later). I seem to be liking the "design A" way of arranging my photos, so there's more of that this week. I als used up all of the little banner thingies from my kit, and a few from the Scraptastic kit (since it came with the exact same colour scheme and embellishments) since I was kind of at a loss as to how to embellish this page.

Well, I hope you like this layout and you have a great Sunday! Hopefully I'll be back to posting more regularly now as I seriously have to catch up with the current week! ;)

03 September, 2014

Kitty Cat Girl

Just wanted to share a quick card that I made after randomly colouring an image for a few days. Sometimes I like to leave images on my desk for those down moments between letting something load, or waiting for someone to respond to an email, stuff like that. Little bits of time when I can colour. I used a Project Life card to make this which I thought was fun and it kept the end product nice and simple so I could focus on the image which was coloured with pencils and Copics.

30 August, 2014

The Beach

Long time, right? Yeah, sorry, I've been sick and that sucks. But I have this layout that I made on the 11th that I haven't gotten to share with you yet. I'm not really much of a beach goer, even though we live in CA (technically in the mountains though), but we went out to the coast on my birthday weekend and I snapped a few photos of Sirius enjoying the waves. I had to get a picture of his little sandy paws as his Daddy carried him over to the shower station to wash him off. So cute! I used a combination of papers, but the background is from SS Good Day Sunshine.

20 August, 2014

Watercolour Wednesday: Something Fishy!

It's Watercolour Wednesday and there's something fishy going on in the craft corner! Isn't he cute? I just woke up, and there he was in my mind waiting to be drawn and to swim away. I used my India Inks mixed with water to make the background first, then coloured the fishy with more India ink and my Derwent pencils. I was just going to go with orange, originally, but I thought a bit of pink might add a nice contrast to his colouring.

I hope you like today's project. I just love drawing fish, they're so free and happy they just cheer me right up. Have a great day!

17 August, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 29

Hello, everyone! Today's Project Life page is bright and colourful. There were a few multicoloured cards in my July Gossamer Blue kit for this month and I figured they'd go great for including a picture of some watercolour art, as well as all the organising that went on this week.I didn't really know how to use the ampersand card (aside from Me & You which seems trite) so I just made it the date card and let it shine on its own. I used a lot of little wood veneer, the banners that came in the kit, and I even managed to get some washi tape on there. Definitely trying to use up that washi!

Thanks for joining me, and I'll see you next week for PL Sunday!

14 August, 2014

Ghost Girl

Hi, all! I'm here with a new card and an unusual colour combination that I just randomly decided to try. I'm kinda into this thing where I colour kinda "washes" or just plain messy with the Copics and then come in with pencils to do the details. I recently took my pencils out of their (beautiful) tin case and organised them into my Copic shelves so they're right at hand. Couple that with my awesome electric sharpener and I'm really into my coloured pencils a lot lately. Why the weird skin colour? I have NO idea, lol! I just kinda went with it once I decided to do it. I'm really happy with how her dress came out, and her hair, but I love her eyes. I definitely have to do eyes like that again! I am kinda miffed that I've coloured this image before so I didn't make any progress with my whole "use your stamps" deal. I'm going to have to weed out the images from my pre-printed box! Anyway, this card is on its way to a new home, so that's good. I have gotten a few comments about how people are missing my card making and colouring so I'm going to try and do/share more of those kinds of things for you guys.

Digital Stamp: Make it Crafty
Cardstock: XPress-It
Paper: Pink Paislee
Copics Used: BG10, B12, W4
Faber-Castell Polychromos 120
Enamel dots
WRMK washi
October Afternoon flair

13 August, 2014

Watercolour Wednesday: Well

Hello, all! Sorry I've been a bit lax in posting. I have things to post, too, I've just been all over the place and I was completely without internet yesterday.

As for this picture, it's sketched in pencil and coloured in exclusively watercolour. I spent a lot of time thinking about it, and I'd like to do landscape drawings. I'm really inspired by shows like Gravity Falls, which -while it is made for children- has exceptional backgrounds. Since it's supposed to be set in a town in Oregon, it's full of lush forests and beautiful vistas that just really make me want to draw. This is my first attempt at a sort of creepy forest setting. It wasn't totally successful, the perspective is a little weird on both the well and the cave, but hey, I'm learning, right? I'm also learning that watercolour is both forgiving and not. If you put down colour, you better want it there, because it's going to stay. OR it's going to make a huge mess if you try to get rid of it.

Anyway, I hope you like this picture. I know it's not great, but I'm hoping the more I create the better I will get and eventually things will look more like they're supposed to.

10 August, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 28

Another PL Sunday is upon us and I come with the second week of July! We're moving right along through the year and this week was very colourful and FULL of organisation. So much so, I had to write on the photos with Photoshop because I needed more space for journalling. Plus, it's great that the kit cards were so bright, really matched the mood of this week. I've been keeping my pages in "Style A" lately because I seem to be remembering to take horizontal photos through the weeks and it just makes life easier.

I hope you like this layout and I apologize once again for the blah photo. I'm doing what I can to take better ones. See you next week!

09 August, 2014

Aphrodite Love

Lately I've been sharing more mixed media and drawing projects, but I'm also trying to balance things out with my previous crafting endeavors of scrapbooking and card making. I mean, it's not like I've stopped loving colouring, it's more that I like colouring what I draw myself now. BUT I obviously still have many, many, many.... ((slanty eyes)) stamps to colour. I was watching random videos, waiting for the update to Elder Scrolls Online to load, so I figured I'd grab a stamp and colour it. I started with some very messy Copic colouring, just swiping across to fill the areas with colour, and then I went in with the pencils and added detail work like *very* sloppy folds. They're by no means detailed in any way, but I was just playing around. I then added some sequins and some enamel dots to cover up the white space, and took the paper from my 6x6 paper collection. It's easy because that stuff is organised by colour.

Digital Stamp: Tickled Pink
Cardstock: XPress-It
Paper: Cosmo Cricket
Enamel dots
Faber-Castell Polychromos 120 set
Copics Used: B21/24, E11/21/50/33, Y26/23, G20

07 August, 2014

Fresh Birthday Crabs

Hello, everyone! I wanted to share this layout with you that I made last week featuring photos from my birthday week. The Saturday after my birthday we were able to go to the Asian grocery store 99 Ranch where they have live Dungeness crabs and we picked up three huge crabs all for me! This was my official birthday meal, not something we can  get very often so I was very happy/excited.

For this layout I used up the remnants of this Hello, Again by Carta Bella collection, along with the background paper which is the last piece I have of the Snippets collection from Studio Calico. I used a brand new washi that I got last month as well as using a few punches to make my own embellishments for the page. I hope you like it, it's pretty simple, but it gets the excitement I was feeling across, I think.

04 August, 2014

Studio Monday: The SUPERSIZED Warehouse Edition!!

Hello all! On Saturday something big happened: I joined a few friends, drove two hours, and hit up the Prima Marketing warehouse store. Woo!
That's a picture that Prima posted on their FB, sharing what was going on at the warehouse. Turns out, we're in it! That's my Mr. Mike in the grey, my friend Jeanne in the pink next to him, you can just see me in the blue next to her, and next to me with the black hair is my friend Carmen. And on the floor you can see little Sirius in his coat! (Skeptical!Lady in the pink dress is skeptical about pictures) The gal in the stripes is counting Carmen's purchases to speed up the checking out process. She spent BANK! I was next biggest purchase, but Carmen blew me out of the water, lol! I want to play at HER house!
Okay, so here's the first batch. Everything's a dollar, remember. You walk in and it's just rows of boxes, about knee height, in a hot and sweaty warehouse with only two industrial fans to move air around. It's 9am, I haven't had coffee, and I may or may not have been suffering a huge headache. Anyway, I'm getting all these ideas on canvases I can make, trying to think back to the canvases I *have* made, what I needed for those, what I've searched the internet for but could not find, and what I already have that might need companions. I also tried to get a lot of white things since I can Copic or spray them whatever colour I need. I filled a basket willy nilly, just shoved in what I wanted, got a big bag and checked that with the cashier to fill up *another* hand basket. Then, since they had crop space with tables, I sat down for a lengthy session of weeding out my purchases while the other gals explored. I was really good and put more than half of the stuff back. Telling yourself "it's only a $1" only works so long as you're not chucking in twenty items "just because". I wanted to make sure these things would be used properly and were items I really just couldn't get anywhere else at any other time. In the front there I was delighted to find stencil packs. Five stencils screwed together. I'm always so reluctant to spend on stencils, now here's my excuse to actually get some! I was also happy because Peep Susan found some of the butterflies I'd been looking for so I got a bunch of those because I just can't find them on the internet anymore and I love them. This whole thing was $70. Not shown, I also got 5 pieces of paper for $1.
 This is the second batch. We all five of us make our purchases, and it's about 12 by now. We're tired, hungry, dehydrated, and still way hot. So we decide to go out to lunch to talk and hang out more. About 1:30 we leave and though Susan decided to go back to the warehouse, not realising originally what a HUGE discount $1 for this stuff is, I decided to pass. Then I start looking at Facebook while Mike is in WalMart. They opened new boxes! They posted pictures of things they hadn't had out!! I knew I'd regret it if we didn't go back, just to make a pass through. Sure enough, all those Sprites at the top? Totally new box just sat right in the middle of an aisle that hadn't been there before. In fact, everything but the white flowers,orange butterflies, the bright blue teal ones, metal tin, and the ivory with the writing was all new that they'd taken out. The flowers are SO pretty in real life and like the Sprites? I never had a chance at those back in 2009 when they were new! This purchase was $32. Total of $100 for both purchases. I asked the people there how much it would be retail and they said *easily* $500 if I had bought in a store.

Sunday I woke up going "well, now what?!" because while all of this stuff is totally awesome, and I don't even regret it one bit, I had only vaguely planned on how I'd store these things. I've shared my flower collection with you before, it's not like I'm lacking in flowers and I knew I didn't need anything, but this wasn't something I'll be able to go to again for a very long time. So, here we go.
I hope you enjoyed this adventure as much as I did. I hope you'll stick around, check out my projects to come, because I am SO excited to use some of my new purchases combined with my old collection. I definitely don't have to go hunting on the internet again for flowers for a LONG time!

03 August, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 27

And we're back with Project Life Sunday! I have to tell you, y'all are motivating me to keep up with this project because I have to keep posting for you and this is the last layout I have to show you, the first week of July. Since we're in August now, obviously I have to get to work! I enjoyed the little labels and bits that came with this month's kit. The colours are not really something that I expected, but the orange and pink seems to work for this week. I'm liking the labels as well. I think I have to pre-make some labels for my photos since sometimes there's "dead space" and it's nice to have something to cover that up.

I hope you like this page, and I'm sorry the picture is so crap.

01 August, 2014

Freckled Girl

Took a while to finally get back to colouring with my Copics, but finally I just randomly picked an image and went with it. I gave her a little face and then, while I was colouring, I accidentally got a smudge on her nose so I had to give her freckles. I've never done freckles before, but it was actually really fun so I'll probably try it again at some point. As I was making this card I was able to look through my newly organised stamps, find the cute little mouse to match the girl with her balloons, and find the speech bubble stamp too. I didn't really want to colour the balloons, which is why they suck, but I didn't want to cut them off because I wanted to watercolour the girl's background.

Anyway, I hope you like it. It was fun to colour again and not really worry about colour placement, or realism, or whatever. Just messing around with colour.

30 July, 2014

Watercolour Wednesday: Purple Flower

I have a new, shiny flower for you for this Watercolour Wednesday. Know why a flower? They're less complicated than people, lol! I got two new journals by Stillman&Birn, the Zeta and Beta in 5.5x8.5. This is a very good size for me. Not too much paper to fill. To christen my new Zeta journal I drew this flower and took it travelling with me last weekend to Arizona on our camping trip along with a small Koi travel watercolour set. Which, by the way, it totally awesome. When I got home, this piece half finished, I found that a very kind friend of mine on my message board had sent me 10 pots of Twinkling H2Os after I mentioned wanting some Twinks to play with, but attempting to hold off on purchases. The colours were perfect to add some depth and shine to this piece and I'm SO happy with it now. The Twinks are just wonderful and I think, at some point, I will just need to own them all. I'm in love! I'll definitely need more work on my flowers, and to attempt to be able to draw bigger. I lean so much towards small and delicate things, but I don't intend to write in these as an art journal so there's really no need to leave too much space.

I hope you like this post and I hope to be able to share with you many more projects, including using the Twinks more as well!

29 July, 2014

Squeezy Citrus Fun!

Hello, everyone! After a very eventful weekend where my BIL married my new SIL in a camping type wedding and we found out that I'm now *very* allergic to mosquitos and probably shouldn't camp in a forest and certainly not *live* in a forest.... I'm back! And I have for you a kit and a layout. Exciting, right?

If you've been a follower for a while you've probably heard me talk about Margareta and her Use Your Stash website. Well, she has a Facebook group now too and it's HOPPING! The idea behind her website is that she picks a theme, or colour combo, and makes a kit from her stash. Then she shares it with us as inspiration and we get to play along in whatever fashion fits our scrapping style. It really helps to reorganise your thinking and bring out papers and combinations that just might not have occurred to you for those papers that you've been trying to use up, or even new stuff. I will admit that sometimes I wish I could just buy her kit outright instead of making my own, but I like the idea of not constantly scrapping from one paper line or company and that's it.
This is my version of July's kit, the "Squeeze" kit. Full of bright and fun colours and I added in some plain wood-type backgrounds because I don't use cardstock. I included a few embellishments in the photo not to say that I have to use them up, but more to remind me that these things exist and go with the colours of the kit.
And here is the first layout I made: #SushiFun. I have to admit I hadn't even touched these adorable sushi stamps from Lawn Fawn yet and I've had them since that Studio Monday: Shopping Edition I did back in March! But I knew I had to use them to scrap these photos from this great sushi place in Irvine, CA... which we actually went to the same weekend as I was referring to in that shopping post. Weird, right?! So I picked out all the things that would brighten up the slightly dark photos of the plate, coloured up the sushi stamps, arranged them into one big embellishment, and just tucked in little tags and strips of paper until I called it good. I even pulled out a border punch which I haven't used in forever! The whole thing took me 45 minutes. Not bad at all, especially with colouring in there too! Normally I wouldn't use a hashtag in a title, but I had made sure I had three of each colour, except the wood texture. There was the background, the journalling block, but nothing else. I thought a little wood veneer in there would round it all out nicely.

If you liked this post and want to see more of my kits and the things that I've made using Margareta's Stash kits, I have a tag right here: Stash Kits. It is in the side bar too on the left and will link you to everything I make with my various kits. And please visit her website; you can join the newsletter or the FB group and always stay in the loop.

23 July, 2014

Watercolour Wednesday: Going On An Adventure

Welcome to the second Watercolour Wednesday! Continuing on with my drawing adventures, I drew this little guy. He's a fairy and he's taking his friend snail on an adventure. That's a Cuban snail, according to Google (which I consulted for colour ideas), so perhaps this is a Cuban fairy as well. I drew him in pencil and then used my Derwent Inktense pencils to watercolour him using a brush. I instagramed a picture of my palette as I was working. I scribbled Distress Markers in the middle too, to get the brown colour and skin colour mixed nicely on him. I hope you like this picture, and this new website feature of Watercolour Wednesday.