12 January, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 1

This year I've subscribed to the Gossamer Blue kit club for Project Life because I don't want to box myself in with using the same line of paper like I usually do. I got the Life Pages kit as well as a paper add on for one of their main kits so I could have extra paper to work with to do my "start up" pages as well as fill in spaces where the pre-made cards wouldn't work for me. The only thing I've added is photos and white cardstock as foundation.
This is my week one. I'm going to try not to be so rigid in my documenting, just putting in photos and cards and going with it. But this was week one and it was enough to document. I think the slanted lines of the card in the centre give this page an interesting and light-hearted feeling.


  1. Your layouts are so pretty ! Love these bright colors.

  2. Love the cover of your PL. Can't wait to see how your year progresses!


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