20 January, 2014

Studio Monday: OMG, Look!

 I shouldn't be showing you this, because it's a mess, but I'm pretty excited. We went to Ikea yesterday and got me two things, a 79" long desktop and a 2x4 Expedit for my little claimed corner of our kitchen. This is still in the fiddling stages, I'm still messing around with it, but I thought I'd give you a glimpse.

My space went from 5'x7' to now 6.5'x7.5'. It doesn't sound like much, but it's pretty huge. I'm looking forward to trying to craft here, determining a routine, and maybe figuring out how to set up a tri pod and start filming process videos for this website. It's going to take a lot of sorting and organising, but I've already deleted pieces that were in my former space so it's  pretty cool.


  1. I LOVE the 2x4 Expedit - such a great size for *everything*. I want a couple for my craft room, for my kids' rooms, and we have one already in our playroom and it works great for keeping things in order. Congrats on the new expanded space!

  2. I am sure another foot and a half in a couple of places is really quite a lot of space. You are already looking much for spacious. Do give us another look when you are not fiddling.

  3. another few feet is really a benefit. your space is looking good. enjoy and get to creating.


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