14 May, 2014

A Dragon for Dad

I bring something new today, though I have mentioned that I have been working with polymer clay lately. I was very inspired by several crafters on Deviant Art and since I've had a love for clay miniatures since I was very small I thought I should get back into clay craft. That's why I bought the little toaster oven, so I could cook, safely, little dudes like these. I made him for my dad's birthday, for the little stone garden his origami tree is planted in. I wanted to keep this guy blocky, not smooth, so it looked like he was put together like stones. I used Granite Sculpey clay, and black for his accents. He has spikes on his tail too. He's 1.5" tall and took two and a half hours to make.

I probably should have waited until I was better at figures, but I think he came out okay. I'm definitely going to need more practise, which should be pretty fun with all the inspiration out there.


  1. He's so cute ! That would make a lovely gift !

  2. I love dragons and think he is absolutely awesome! Love the granite look and I know your dad will LOVE him!


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