23 June, 2014

Studio Monday: Red Rubber Rodeo

Hello everyone! Today's Studio Monday I have a lot of stamps. See, I have a stamp "problem". I'm addicted, so there's that, but also...  I am ashamed to admit they're not organised. My space is so organised, and yet my stamps are a mish mash. I can find what I need, rather quickly too, but they're not by theme and subject and catalogued within an inch of their lives. Mostly it is because instead of just putting them in a file right away I must first rip off the sticky cushion and paint them with tacky glue. That's just how I like my stamps.

Back in March I did this. Filled my entire kitchen table with stamps and glued them. I also did most of my desk space as well. I have a surprising amount of stamps...
Though this was a big batch I still ended up with this pretty big pile of stamps left to do. I couldn't do them all at once because, really, it kinda takes it out of me to sit there and glue glue glue. I figured if I kept this pile on my desk I'd get to it quicker. That the stamps being there would bother me enough I'd be more motivated. Yeah...
This pile of stamps sat there in the top corner of my desk until just yesterday when I finally said "enough" and just glued them. I also had a few more stamps added to that pile in that time. The Greeting Farm, mostly, which is what most of this stack is too.
I managed to get all of my stamps done. On the left is the bin of the few stamps I have left that have cushion on them. They have the evil kind of cushion that won't come off without a lot of work, and rubbing, and that just plain hurts my hands so I put it off even more than normal. On the right is all the rest. All the stamps that need to be separated by category, put onto acetate or freezer paper, and slipped into envelopes. I hope I have enough of them, I'm not really sure. It's a huge job though. I don't know how long it'll take for me to actually *do* it, lol!
Well, thanks for joining another Studio Monday and I hope in showing you my shame I get properly motivated to fixing this mess of a situation!


  1. oh wow what a task you have at hand!! You have made great progress though :)

  2. I like how you left them out thinking it would motivate you to do them, lol. Great job Aeryn, can't wait to see them all added to your collection!

  3. Wow, that's a ton of work, great job!


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