01 July, 2014

Two Peas Closing Thoughts

A friend of mine from the message board, Pennyscraps, posted her thoughts on 2Peas closing. I said a few words on Thursday after the site announced it was closing, but Penny's words made me think and I'd like to share a bit with you.

I started scrapbooking in July 2004. My dear, life-long friend used to take me around craft stores as she hunted for things for her own projects. In one of these stores I saw Disney stickers and paper and asked her what those were for. She told me about scrapbooking. With the word in my head and an 8x8 Disney album that my friend helped me with under my belt I found a TV show on weekday mornings that showed how to scrapbook. Then there was a commercial for Club Scrap. I joined that right away. There was another commercial for 2Peas, or a mention there, I can't really remember. The point is, I went to the site, lurked for a bit, and then signed up.

In my paper crafting "career", as it were, I have never *not* had a place to hang out on the internet and talk about scrapbooking. Club Scrap had a Yahoo group which I adored (then later a message board which I didn't, but it's still there), there was 2Peas (out of business), The School of Scrap (out of business), Scrapbook.com (lurker), SnY (current), and I even read the various smack blogs for many years (no longer visit), all of these places centred around scrapbooking or cardmaking. I've always had a place to go and read about my hobby, talk about it with others that do it, and commiserate.

Maybe that's why 2Peas didn't hit me so hard. I haven't *lost* any thing. A crafting forum has always been available to me as long as I've been crafting. I'm not feeling "loss" because the people that I speak with are still there. Largely, they moved on long before June 25th, 2014. I guess you take something for granted when it's always been there.

The truth of the matter is that despite its faults, without 2Peas I wouldn't have several wonderful friends that I have now. Whether I knew them when they were on the site, or whether they joined SnY and I met them there. I've seen Peas in real life, I've shared secrets with them, I've shared meals and laughter and fun with them. Even if scrapbooking started out as our only bond, I found in so many Peas something kindred. I'm not known for being emotional, or even friendly really.... but that's pretty big. And really, it's pretty big that no matter what, even with a place as huge as 2Peas closing, people still want to get together and talk. I have my profile at scrapbook.com all spiffed up and ready for chat on their message board. I've been told there's another free message board set up by former Peas already up and running too, though I haven't joined. People want to connect, want to talk about things they like to do, and *that* is something that's not going to change.

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