30 July, 2014

Watercolour Wednesday: Purple Flower

I have a new, shiny flower for you for this Watercolour Wednesday. Know why a flower? They're less complicated than people, lol! I got two new journals by Stillman&Birn, the Zeta and Beta in 5.5x8.5. This is a very good size for me. Not too much paper to fill. To christen my new Zeta journal I drew this flower and took it travelling with me last weekend to Arizona on our camping trip along with a small Koi travel watercolour set. Which, by the way, it totally awesome. When I got home, this piece half finished, I found that a very kind friend of mine on my message board had sent me 10 pots of Twinkling H2Os after I mentioned wanting some Twinks to play with, but attempting to hold off on purchases. The colours were perfect to add some depth and shine to this piece and I'm SO happy with it now. The Twinks are just wonderful and I think, at some point, I will just need to own them all. I'm in love! I'll definitely need more work on my flowers, and to attempt to be able to draw bigger. I lean so much towards small and delicate things, but I don't intend to write in these as an art journal so there's really no need to leave too much space.

I hope you like this post and I hope to be able to share with you many more projects, including using the Twinks more as well!

29 July, 2014

Squeezy Citrus Fun!

Hello, everyone! After a very eventful weekend where my BIL married my new SIL in a camping type wedding and we found out that I'm now *very* allergic to mosquitos and probably shouldn't camp in a forest and certainly not *live* in a forest.... I'm back! And I have for you a kit and a layout. Exciting, right?

If you've been a follower for a while you've probably heard me talk about Margareta and her Use Your Stash website. Well, she has a Facebook group now too and it's HOPPING! The idea behind her website is that she picks a theme, or colour combo, and makes a kit from her stash. Then she shares it with us as inspiration and we get to play along in whatever fashion fits our scrapping style. It really helps to reorganise your thinking and bring out papers and combinations that just might not have occurred to you for those papers that you've been trying to use up, or even new stuff. I will admit that sometimes I wish I could just buy her kit outright instead of making my own, but I like the idea of not constantly scrapping from one paper line or company and that's it.
This is my version of July's kit, the "Squeeze" kit. Full of bright and fun colours and I added in some plain wood-type backgrounds because I don't use cardstock. I included a few embellishments in the photo not to say that I have to use them up, but more to remind me that these things exist and go with the colours of the kit.
And here is the first layout I made: #SushiFun. I have to admit I hadn't even touched these adorable sushi stamps from Lawn Fawn yet and I've had them since that Studio Monday: Shopping Edition I did back in March! But I knew I had to use them to scrap these photos from this great sushi place in Irvine, CA... which we actually went to the same weekend as I was referring to in that shopping post. Weird, right?! So I picked out all the things that would brighten up the slightly dark photos of the plate, coloured up the sushi stamps, arranged them into one big embellishment, and just tucked in little tags and strips of paper until I called it good. I even pulled out a border punch which I haven't used in forever! The whole thing took me 45 minutes. Not bad at all, especially with colouring in there too! Normally I wouldn't use a hashtag in a title, but I had made sure I had three of each colour, except the wood texture. There was the background, the journalling block, but nothing else. I thought a little wood veneer in there would round it all out nicely.

If you liked this post and want to see more of my kits and the things that I've made using Margareta's Stash kits, I have a tag right here: Stash Kits. It is in the side bar too on the left and will link you to everything I make with my various kits. And please visit her website; you can join the newsletter or the FB group and always stay in the loop.

23 July, 2014

Watercolour Wednesday: Going On An Adventure

Welcome to the second Watercolour Wednesday! Continuing on with my drawing adventures, I drew this little guy. He's a fairy and he's taking his friend snail on an adventure. That's a Cuban snail, according to Google (which I consulted for colour ideas), so perhaps this is a Cuban fairy as well. I drew him in pencil and then used my Derwent Inktense pencils to watercolour him using a brush. I instagramed a picture of my palette as I was working. I scribbled Distress Markers in the middle too, to get the brown colour and skin colour mixed nicely on him. I hope you like this picture, and this new website feature of Watercolour Wednesday.

21 July, 2014

Studio Monday: It's Clear To See

Hello! For this week's Studio Monday we're once again addressing my insane stamp addiction. As you may have read previously (Red Rubber Rodeo), I've been going through my stamps and attempting to organise them by theme. I have tackled getting my red rubber stamps prepared for this, and they're loosely in categories, but they are not finished. I, falsely, thought starting with clear stamps might be easier. They're smaller... and self-adhesive, should be easier to organise.
THIS is what I ended up with when I pulled all of my clear stamps out of their packaging, out of the previous way I was storing them in, and piled them all up. I THINK I have a few stamps!
Next came sorting. Pulling everything off the backing and setting it into piles of theme. Some of the themes I'm using are: hearts; butterflies; boys; girls; fairies and fantasy; food; undersea; critters - domestic; critters - exotic; and nature. The critters - domestic was rather large, and I'd separated out the cats and dogs from it! You'd think I liked animals or something! This isn't even all of them. My Halloween stamps aren't done, but my Winter/Christmas stamps *are* done and already organised.
 I had to stop because my fingers were starting to hurt from pulling stamps off the plastic, especially when the stamps were seriously stuck to the plastic. Also, clear stamps SMELL! I mean, I have issues with this kind of stuff as it is, but all of these stamps together just overwhelmed me. I ended up having to put each theme in baggies, just to contain the smell and give me a break. Now I can work on organising them onto their transparency sheets one at a time and hopefully not asphyxiate.
You may notice that the piles were all image stamps, not sentiments. Well, my confession is: I hate sentiments. They take up space, they never say what I want them to say, and usually one *good* set will do me for any card I may need to actually send to someone. On top of that? I really, really HATE puns. You know "you moooove me" and then it has a cow? No. Just... just no. So I separated all the sentiments that I had out and turns out, there's people that want to buy them! My Peeps actually need these kind of things! Yeah, excited.

All I can say to this is whole mess is: Lawn Fawn, Some Odd Girl, and Greeting Farm - I NEED YOU TO STOP MAKING PHYSICAL STAMPS!  Seriously. Make digis. I can buy more, and I can STORE more! I'm totally running out of space, I want things to be small, and this is NOT small! I have to use my stamps more, hopefully this will help, but I need to not be tempted by more!!!

20 July, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 26

Good Morning everyone! I have another Project Life Sunday for you today. This was my birthday week! I turned 31 on June 24th. I wanted to include pictures, of course, but since I'm planning on making layouts for what little celebration we did I didn't want to include too much. Originally I wanted my birthday week to be happy and bright, something this month's Gossamer Blue Life Pages kit was not, but I didn't want the month looking different. I have really liked every month, all four or five layouts having the same colour themes. So I just went with it. I used whatever I had left that was still pleasing and just went with it. Since it *was* my birthday week a lot happened, and even with being a bit vague I still ended up with a lot to say so there's three whole journalling cards on here. The top left picture is extremely blurry, that's not my photographing the layout, that's just because it was taken in the movie theatre so my camera didn't quite want to cooperate and give me a good photo.

Well, I hope you like my layout this week and I'm excited to share my July layouts with you next week!

18 July, 2014

Enjoy the Wedding Day

Hello, all! I have a layout today! I've been super creative on Friday so I have much to show you in the next few days. I started this layout on Tuesday when I got my first ACOT order. I picked up a few pieces from Echo Park "Everyday Life", but most of the order was from Webster's Pages with pieces from "Ocean Medley" and "Strawberry Fields". This piece ended up being from "Ocean Medley". The paper just seemed to fit.The wedding of my "second mom", my best friend Katie's mom, Sandy. I used the picture that was on their invitation and the picture with the white frame was from during the prayer that was said. Obviously I wasn't going to be participating in that, so I thought I'd snap a photo of everyone during the ceremony since I thought they looked peaceful. Plus, Sandy and Dave were facing us, so that helped.

Their colours were "Sharks" teal, black, and white, so when I opened the box and saw the WP paper I thought it would work really nicely. The blue seems to match Katie's maid of honour dress, so that's good. And I managed to include sequins as well! Obviously I have enough to last me, right? 

I hope you like this layout, maybe it inspires you to use some of your little embellishments too. How do you go about scrapping wedding layouts? Do you stick to their colours or go your own way?

16 July, 2014

Watercolour Wednesday: Pink Hibiscus

I think I'm going to start a new "feature" here on my blog, when I have things to share of course, called Watercolour Wednesday. It rhymes, after all. It might include canvases, since most of them are watercolour of some sort, but also I'm wanting to do things like this.

Can there be a bigger cliche' than drawing and watercolouring flowers? Truly? I think only if I include something faux inspirational like "Believe" or "Dream" across the top. I may include words at some point, but I like the randomness of this background for now. I've decided that with my drawing I'm not after realism. I don't have anything against it, I like it fine, but there are a TON of people that do it and realism just doesn't call to me as it does others. Cartoon people, caricatures of real things, that calls to me. Is this really what a pink Hibiscus looks like? No, not even close. But it diverted my attention, drawing it and then painting it, so why not, right?

I did this with my Derwent Inktense pencils, six of them to be precise. I didn't use them as a pencil, I took my wet brush, ran it over the pencil lead, and painted with the pigment I picked up. Easy peasy! Anyway, I hope you like it, I hope you're not desperately bored with this website as I branch out and away from my scrapbooking and cardmaking, and I hope that you'll come back soon to see what I'm up to.

14 July, 2014

Studio Monday: Sequins Aplenty

Welcome to another sequin themed Studio Monday! You may remember this one, in June. At the time, I thought I was being a total smart person by combining my red/orange/yellow sequins because it saved space. I also figured, a little while afterwards, that putting the sequins I got at the Expo in with the sequins from my Scraptastic kit and group buys was a GOOD idea. Well... no. It lead to this...
I couldn't take the disorder, really. I mean, I'm a VERY organised person. I couldn't handle things all mixed. So that meant that I spent Thursday night and on into the morning (no sleep), Friday night, Saturday night, AND Sunday night separating out my sequins by colour and type. At the top there's metallic, then there's opaque, iridescent opaque, and translucent. I got these boxes at WalMart for $6 each which I figured was a pretty good price. Each cube is curved, so you can easily slide something like a sequin up the sides, and the lid is fitted into each cube so if it tips you don't get mixing. (I'm assuming, I don't want to test it)
 This was when I was nearing the end. You can see how the piles separated out from one big pile of purple/pink into four distinct ones, as well as a few stragglers of the iridescent and translucent types.

A friend of mine linked me to Cartwright's sequin and bead store. I mean, how cruel, right? Spreading the insanity. I knew I needed white, and leaves, so I ordered this package before I got the boxes and started separating. Now that I know what all I have, I can place another order to fill in the holes. Anyway, I ordered a lot of translucent maple leaves, holographic, and metallic. Lots of them. So that I could colour them with my alcohol inks. It came out cheaper than buying individual colours. I also got some tiny, tiny "moonshine" sequins that I'm going to use on an upcoming space canvas.

Here's everything I have, all finished up and separated. I LOVE the rainbow box, but the other two are great too. Everything really easy to find, everything easy to get to, and they don't look half bad on a shelf either. I'm excited to get to using these, especially the ones I have planned for a canvas, but I'm starting to think that these might be one thing that I will NEVER use up in all my crafting time. Well, I'm eager to try, anyway. When you have this many, you never have to worry about using them on projects and not having enough for later!

I hope you enjoy this look at my stuff, and the intense oganisational pr0n. Maybe it'll inspire you to add a few sequins to your stash, hmm? Just, maybe not this many! I'll see you next Studio Monday!

13 July, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 25

Hello, all! Welcome to Project Life Sunday. Today we're moving on to week 25. I didn't have a whole lot of real life photos for this week because not a whole lot happened that I needed to talk about. So I snagged two photos from Elder Scrolls Online since I spent the better part of the week playing with people I met through the game and took pictures with them(their characters). My fingers now, automatically, don't go to the home keys anymore, they go to Shift/A/W/D, the keys needed to walk in-game, so you can see how much ESO has taken over my life. I kept the layout simple and tried to print the photos full size because I didn't have any of the 4x6 cards left from my Gossamer Blue kit that I liked, and I don't have any papers to match these colours and fill in any spaces.  Oh, and in case you can't read the journalling, no, we didn't get a new car this week. The Subaru dealer broke our car (didn't put in any coolant when they drained it during a routine service and the head gaskets blew) so they gave us a brand new Forester as a rental. It's not a bad car, by any stretch, but it's just a bit too small and uncomfortable for us. I like bucket seats, and a large, Golden Retriever-sized dog compartment in back.

Well, I hope you like this week's layout. See you again next Sunday!

12 July, 2014

Summer Is Here

I made a layout for you all, today. A nice, quick, and simple layout which really is my style. I'm not one to anguish over a layout and placement forever. Mostly, I'm not one to do it for longer than thirty minutes at a time! I put one of these photos in my PL, but when Mike gets out and grills, or (in this case) breaks out the smoker, I know that Summer has officially arrived. It doesn't get as hot here as LA proper, but it does get hot enough that Mike doesn't want to cook. Throwing something on the grill is a good middle ground. And, when I'm *really* lucky, he'll take all day and smoke us a few racks of ribs.

I'm not one for sun, or heat, or *Summer*, but if there's food involved that's one way to make me smile! I dispaired to being able to use this paper collection. With the rainbows I *had* to buy it, but Summer is not something I enjoy. Then I thought "hey, let's try unique food items for Summer instead of the traditional "fun in the sun" layouts. ;)

What about you? Are you good at Summer? Or are you just attracted to the supplies that are sold to *scrap* Summer?

Paper: Simple Stories "Good Day Sunshine
SS Die Cuts
SS Stickers
enamel dots

10 July, 2014

Fairy Fly Away

I could not even tell you how long ago I created this little digital scene with a Make it Crafty background and a Some Odd Girl character. It has to be well over a year. Then I printed it and left it alone. Weird, right? Well, when my computer broke last week I figured the only thing left would be to colour. I'm in a pencils mood lately, my Copics sitting dejected in their shelves, so I focused on pencil blending. The sky is jacked because I coloured it with Copics when I was sick a few months ago. I tried to fix it, but whatever. I added in all the colours of the rainbow instead of just the three that were in the original digi as well. I mean, seriously, a rainbow with three colours? I added the flair because I'm trying to get rid of the stash that has sprouted up from my Project Life kits. I just don't like them on layouts, you know? Definitely a trend I can do without.

Anyway, I hope you like it. I thought it was pretty cute, and fairies are always fun.

Digital Stamps: Make it Crafty, Some Odd Girl
Cardstock: Copic XPress It, Papertrey Ink
Faber-Castell Polychromos 120 set
Lawn Fawn flair
Studio Calico flair

08 July, 2014

Lovely in Green

A return to your regularly scheduled programming, I bring you a card today! While I was busy downloading the last of the Glitter Girl videos I needed something to do. They only took a minute max, so I couldn't go off and play my game. I broke out the pencils and this image from Make it Crafty instead. I didn't feel like being "regular" with my colouring, so I brought in some green and purple. I thought that black would balance that out pretty good. I hope you like it, anyhow. I like the ease of pencils, and the detail they give, so this was fun. I even created a "smokey" background by rubbing them with my finger a bit.

Do you like pencils or markers better? Which do you choose when you just want to mess around with colour?

Digital Stamp: Make it Crafty
Cardstock: Copic XPress It, Recollections
Paper: Doodlebug, Imaginisce
Faber-Castell Polychromos 120 set
Lawn Fawn flair
Queen & Co pearls

05 July, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 24

And we're back on track with Project Life Sunday! Hello! Since I'm not enjoying the June kit it's taken me some time to try and get the pages together and I admit I'm a bit behind. This page I focused on blue and yellow with a bit of that orange/rust colour because it kinda went with the food pictures. I had a lot of journalling to do, but the page is weighted kinda oddly. I kept the embellishments simple, both from the Gossamer Blue kit and a few pieces from my Scraptastic PL kits.

I'm set to work on the next two weeks of June right now, and I'll be sharing the pages with you on the next PL Sunday. Thanks for visiting!

04 July, 2014


I present to you: "Haifisch". I got the idea, and the words, from the Rammstein song of the same name. I decided to keep it in the original German for the piece because it just "felt" better. I tried to keep the feel of separateness, between the shark and the little girl (see, there she is again!) by keeping their colours similar, but different. I also tried to capture the feel of movement of the water around the shark. 

The background was a bit of a failed experiment. I was hoping for a different effect, but it didn't work for what I was looking for. I ended up propping it up and just spraying the crap out of it with water. Out of necessity springs invention. I grasped around for ideas and then just went with it. I wiped off the top portion of the canvas, painted it with acrylic, drew the shark, and then just started gluing down the embellishments. Anyway, enough babble, it's not that complicated! I hope you like it and it works for you!

"Literal" translation:
In the deep it is lonely
And so many a tear is shed
And it so happens that the water
In the oceans is salty
And the shark, that has tears
And they run from the face
But the shark lives in water
So no one can see the tears

Poetical translation:
It’s lonely in deep water
So many tears are running free
That explains, then, why the water
Is salty in the sea.
And the shark, well, he is crying
Down his face the tears now fall
Yet the shark is living in water
So we don’t see tears at all.

01 July, 2014

Two Peas Closing Thoughts

A friend of mine from the message board, Pennyscraps, posted her thoughts on 2Peas closing. I said a few words on Thursday after the site announced it was closing, but Penny's words made me think and I'd like to share a bit with you.

I started scrapbooking in July 2004. My dear, life-long friend used to take me around craft stores as she hunted for things for her own projects. In one of these stores I saw Disney stickers and paper and asked her what those were for. She told me about scrapbooking. With the word in my head and an 8x8 Disney album that my friend helped me with under my belt I found a TV show on weekday mornings that showed how to scrapbook. Then there was a commercial for Club Scrap. I joined that right away. There was another commercial for 2Peas, or a mention there, I can't really remember. The point is, I went to the site, lurked for a bit, and then signed up.

In my paper crafting "career", as it were, I have never *not* had a place to hang out on the internet and talk about scrapbooking. Club Scrap had a Yahoo group which I adored (then later a message board which I didn't, but it's still there), there was 2Peas (out of business), The School of Scrap (out of business), Scrapbook.com (lurker), SnY (current), and I even read the various smack blogs for many years (no longer visit), all of these places centred around scrapbooking or cardmaking. I've always had a place to go and read about my hobby, talk about it with others that do it, and commiserate.

Maybe that's why 2Peas didn't hit me so hard. I haven't *lost* any thing. A crafting forum has always been available to me as long as I've been crafting. I'm not feeling "loss" because the people that I speak with are still there. Largely, they moved on long before June 25th, 2014. I guess you take something for granted when it's always been there.

The truth of the matter is that despite its faults, without 2Peas I wouldn't have several wonderful friends that I have now. Whether I knew them when they were on the site, or whether they joined SnY and I met them there. I've seen Peas in real life, I've shared secrets with them, I've shared meals and laughter and fun with them. Even if scrapbooking started out as our only bond, I found in so many Peas something kindred. I'm not known for being emotional, or even friendly really.... but that's pretty big. And really, it's pretty big that no matter what, even with a place as huge as 2Peas closing, people still want to get together and talk. I have my profile at scrapbook.com all spiffed up and ready for chat on their message board. I've been told there's another free message board set up by former Peas already up and running too, though I haven't joined. People want to connect, want to talk about things they like to do, and *that* is something that's not going to change.