01 August, 2014

Freckled Girl

Took a while to finally get back to colouring with my Copics, but finally I just randomly picked an image and went with it. I gave her a little face and then, while I was colouring, I accidentally got a smudge on her nose so I had to give her freckles. I've never done freckles before, but it was actually really fun so I'll probably try it again at some point. As I was making this card I was able to look through my newly organised stamps, find the cute little mouse to match the girl with her balloons, and find the speech bubble stamp too. I didn't really want to colour the balloons, which is why they suck, but I didn't want to cut them off because I wanted to watercolour the girl's background.

Anyway, I hope you like it. It was fun to colour again and not really worry about colour placement, or realism, or whatever. Just messing around with colour.


  1. So cute, I think you did a great job (you always do). Thanks for sharing

  2. Oh, I just love have you colored the hair with the shiny parts. So pretty!


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