13 July, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 25

Hello, all! Welcome to Project Life Sunday. Today we're moving on to week 25. I didn't have a whole lot of real life photos for this week because not a whole lot happened that I needed to talk about. So I snagged two photos from Elder Scrolls Online since I spent the better part of the week playing with people I met through the game and took pictures with them(their characters). My fingers now, automatically, don't go to the home keys anymore, they go to Shift/A/W/D, the keys needed to walk in-game, so you can see how much ESO has taken over my life. I kept the layout simple and tried to print the photos full size because I didn't have any of the 4x6 cards left from my Gossamer Blue kit that I liked, and I don't have any papers to match these colours and fill in any spaces.  Oh, and in case you can't read the journalling, no, we didn't get a new car this week. The Subaru dealer broke our car (didn't put in any coolant when they drained it during a routine service and the head gaskets blew) so they gave us a brand new Forester as a rental. It's not a bad car, by any stretch, but it's just a bit too small and uncomfortable for us. I like bucket seats, and a large, Golden Retriever-sized dog compartment in back.

Well, I hope you like this week's layout. See you again next Sunday!

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