20 July, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 26

Good Morning everyone! I have another Project Life Sunday for you today. This was my birthday week! I turned 31 on June 24th. I wanted to include pictures, of course, but since I'm planning on making layouts for what little celebration we did I didn't want to include too much. Originally I wanted my birthday week to be happy and bright, something this month's Gossamer Blue Life Pages kit was not, but I didn't want the month looking different. I have really liked every month, all four or five layouts having the same colour themes. So I just went with it. I used whatever I had left that was still pleasing and just went with it. Since it *was* my birthday week a lot happened, and even with being a bit vague I still ended up with a lot to say so there's three whole journalling cards on here. The top left picture is extremely blurry, that's not my photographing the layout, that's just because it was taken in the movie theatre so my camera didn't quite want to cooperate and give me a good photo.

Well, I hope you like my layout this week and I'm excited to share my July layouts with you next week!

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  1. Happy belated birthday! Mine was the 14th so yeah for June babes! LOL!! Need to update my PL pages - I like that you put the journaling in the center. When you have a lot to write about, that's a good spot :)


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