21 July, 2014

Studio Monday: It's Clear To See

Hello! For this week's Studio Monday we're once again addressing my insane stamp addiction. As you may have read previously (Red Rubber Rodeo), I've been going through my stamps and attempting to organise them by theme. I have tackled getting my red rubber stamps prepared for this, and they're loosely in categories, but they are not finished. I, falsely, thought starting with clear stamps might be easier. They're smaller... and self-adhesive, should be easier to organise.
THIS is what I ended up with when I pulled all of my clear stamps out of their packaging, out of the previous way I was storing them in, and piled them all up. I THINK I have a few stamps!
Next came sorting. Pulling everything off the backing and setting it into piles of theme. Some of the themes I'm using are: hearts; butterflies; boys; girls; fairies and fantasy; food; undersea; critters - domestic; critters - exotic; and nature. The critters - domestic was rather large, and I'd separated out the cats and dogs from it! You'd think I liked animals or something! This isn't even all of them. My Halloween stamps aren't done, but my Winter/Christmas stamps *are* done and already organised.
 I had to stop because my fingers were starting to hurt from pulling stamps off the plastic, especially when the stamps were seriously stuck to the plastic. Also, clear stamps SMELL! I mean, I have issues with this kind of stuff as it is, but all of these stamps together just overwhelmed me. I ended up having to put each theme in baggies, just to contain the smell and give me a break. Now I can work on organising them onto their transparency sheets one at a time and hopefully not asphyxiate.
You may notice that the piles were all image stamps, not sentiments. Well, my confession is: I hate sentiments. They take up space, they never say what I want them to say, and usually one *good* set will do me for any card I may need to actually send to someone. On top of that? I really, really HATE puns. You know "you moooove me" and then it has a cow? No. Just... just no. So I separated all the sentiments that I had out and turns out, there's people that want to buy them! My Peeps actually need these kind of things! Yeah, excited.

All I can say to this is whole mess is: Lawn Fawn, Some Odd Girl, and Greeting Farm - I NEED YOU TO STOP MAKING PHYSICAL STAMPS!  Seriously. Make digis. I can buy more, and I can STORE more! I'm totally running out of space, I want things to be small, and this is NOT small! I have to use my stamps more, hopefully this will help, but I need to not be tempted by more!!!


  1. Wow, that is a lot of work, but it will be so fabulous when it's complete. Good luck

    1. I ran out of transparencies before I ran out of stamps to finish, so I'm hoping that hasn't completely killed my motivation. I can tell you though, that all this work is totally worth it! It's already paying off as I can find my stamps so much easier now!


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